The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that relations between Russia and the European Union were deteriorating. At the same time, relations with the United States are growing stronger.

According to Borrell, all this became especially clear after the last G7 summit. “Our relationship with the United States is changing, we now have a strong partnership. This became especially clear after the G7 summit … We will discuss [at the meeting] and Russia, with which, on the contrary, they are not improving, ”said the head of European diplomacy. He made the corresponding statement on the eve of the meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU member states, which will be held on Monday.

The main topic of discussion of the foreign ministers will be the development of transatlantic communications. US President’s Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry is expected to join the meeting via video link. Also among the topics – the situation in Afghanistan, the Iranian nuclear deal, and support for the countries of the Western Balkans.

Relations with Russia will also be one of the topics, but only auxiliary. It is emphasized that there are no plans to make decisions on new sanctions or other diplomatic steps against the Russian Federation.

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