American troops, which are now based in Afghanistan, can be transferred to Central Asian countries – Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The Wall Street Journal reports about it, citing sources. According to the interlocutors of the publication, the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan may be completed by July ahead of schedule.

The American authorities want to deploy a contingent in these countries in order to continue to “support” the Afghan government to control the activities of the Taliban (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation – approx. Labor). Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are geographically best suited to fulfill these tasks – both states border on Afghanistan.

According to sources, the situation is complicated by the large military presence of Russia in Central Asia, as well as the growing influence of China there.

So far, Washington has not approached the authorities of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with a request to deploy its military bases there. It is reported that options are also being considered for the transfer of military personnel to the Gulf States or the deployment of an aircraft carrier in the region for military operations if necessary.

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