Deception of Shadman Zaman and Bangladesh-Isreal relations
Credit: Weekly Blitz

The latest development in Bangladesh-Israel relations made radical Islamists in Bangladesh worried about their stand against Israel.

Recently Bangladesh has changed the travel restriction statement from its passport. This worries many radical Islamist nations including Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Iran. This is a bold step by the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who is the daughter of the father of the nation of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Most of the Muslim majority countries still do not recognize the state of Israel. But during the past 3 years, from 2018-2021 it has been noticed and reported that many have managed to accept the existence of the state of Israel as an independent nation in the Arab world. Bangladesh due to its domestic political reasons was not able to amend the relationship statement with the state of Israel. Sheikh Hasina’s move gave a new hope to the people of Bangladesh.


Publications like the Weekly Blitz have been continuously striking the Bangladeshi government to move a bit forward towards Israel. The editor of this Bangladeshi tabloid was arrested for allegedly conspiring the relations between Bangladesh and Israel.

Earlier governments in Bangladesh led by BNP(Bangladesh Nationalist Party) and backed by radical clerics had a very strong viewpoint against Israel. The former prime minister of Bangladesh Khalida Zia, who is a strong supporter of the Islamist shariah law, never wanted to normalize any kind of relationship with Israel. This cornered Bangladesh in the economic struggle. During this period Bangladesh was considered one of the poorest nations in the world. But, the leadership of Sheikh Hasina sparkled the image of the nation and brought economic stability to the people.

As Bangladesh lifted the Israel travel ban many will jump and try to credit themselves. One such name is Shadman Zaman. He claims to be a Bangladesh national. Sahdman holds a British passport and lives in London.

Who is Shadman Zaman?

Sahdman Zaman is a British national who traveled to Britain from Bangladesh for studies. There he earned his degree in medicine.

The Eastern Herald has followed his trails and found many of his false claims. Shadman with his British passport traveled to Israel. Though Shadman like millions of others aspire to achieve something big as he is an ambitious man. Shadman lived a happy life and never faced any trouble before or after he converted to Judaism. After he converted to Judaism he visited Israel many times and portrayed himself as a friend of Israel. This move gave him a lot of popularity in the media in Israel as well. There are numerous chances that he may claim to be a reason behind this Bangladesh’s move towards Israel.

Jerusalem Post writes ‘Bangladeshi, exiled for visiting Israel, returns to Jewish State‘ where he claimed: “I’m a stateless Zionist”.

On the other hand, Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhary, editor of Weekly Blitz, was the first Bangladeshi national to visit Israel on a Bangladeshi passport. Shoaib is jailed for supporting Israel-Bangladesh relations.

False Claims of Shadman Zaman

  1.  He is a stateless Zionist.
  2.  He is banned to travel his homeland Bangladesh.
  3. In Bangladeshi school books, it said “‘Jews are the mirror of Satan’ and ‘Zionists control the world'”.
  4.  He is the first visitor to Israel on a Bangladeshi Passport.
  5.  He established a committee to encourage Bangladesh-Israel relations.

*  His claim that he is a stateless Zionist is a blatant lie. Shadman is a British National. He abandoned his Bangladeshi nationality for his personal gains.

*  He claims that he is banned to travel to Bangladesh. We’ve contacted Bangladeshi authorities and found nothing supporting his claim. In fact, when he surrendered his Bangladeshi nationality and chose UK nationality over his motherland, Bangladesh has no right or claims against his travel to any country.

*  He claims that he studied in a school where the Cambridge curriculum is followed but there in books he found anti-semistism. No textbooks in Bangladeshi schools are found to support such claims.

*  He claims that he is the first visitor to Israel to travel on a Bangladeshi passport. This claim is a pure case of deception. When Shadman Zaman traveled to Israel he used his British passport only. It was Shoaib Choudhary who traveled first to Israel on a Bangladeshi passport for which he was arrested at the Dhaka airport upon arrival.

*  Shadman also claims that he established a committee to encourage Bangladesh-Israel relations. There is no evidence of such a society or group or committee in Bangladesh.

Shadman is a shadow man.

The truth

When Shoaib Chaudhary was jailed for 7 years Shadman tried to take credit for Shoaib’s work. Mr. Choudhury never converted to Judaism and remained a Muslim. He never left the Bangladeshi nationality, never fled the country, was jailed for the reason of supporting Bangladesh-Israel relations which equals blasphemy in Bangladesh. The office of Shoaib Choudhury was bombed by Islamist terrorists. He was beaten to almost death. And when Shoaib was released from prison he restarted his mission and restarted his newspaper, Weekly Blitz.

Shadman claimed that his mother also faced a lot of trouble due to his conversion. But there is no evidence to support this claim. But, Shoaib never claimed that his family suffered during turmoil against him. Upon speaking with Shoaib Choudhury he said that no one ever tortured or disturbed his family. He said that Bangladeshi society is very tolerant and they don’t support such things. Shadman is a conman and should be eyed upon.

There could be many others who would come forward now and again will try to take the credit for the hard work done by this gentleman: Shoaib Choudhury. It is the time when the Israeli government should recognize his efforts and courage.


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