An epidemic of political blindness is shaking MacedoniaAn epidemic of political blindness is shaking Macedonia
Macedonia’s Parliament

The biggest threat to us at the moment is neither covid-19, nor economic collapse, corruption, and dysfunctional judiciary, nor blackmail from neighbors and the EU, but the growing epidemic of political blindness at all levels. It was not so long ago when the Prespa Agreement and the Good Neighbor Agreement were signed, experts indicated that they are disastrous for us and will become a stumbling block. Unfortunately, the government remained deaf. Blinded by the flattering praise and applause of the European fox, they convinced us that identity and language were cemented, that all contentious issues with neighbors had been resolved, and that the road to the EU was open. So drunk on several occasions they even celebrated a date. Slaps for sobriety soon arrived from Bulgaria with a veto and a request to accept that the Macedonian identity and language have Bulgarian roots, as a condition for accession negotiations.

But political blindness is not a curable disease, so instead of sobering up, they rushed to the EU to reassure them. I listen to them and I can not believe it. All in all, the entire political elite now thought of building patriotism with the slogan: We do not talk about identity and language. But they do not say what identity and language they mean. The natural one, the primordial one or the one invented by Tito and the Comintern, imposed on us by the Bulgarians.


Deputy Prime Minister Dimitrov has now recalled wondering whether the EU should be trusted. God forbid, man 30 years. is in politics and still did not understand what the people have known for more than 100 years when they sang the refrain: the Eurobulsion of Babylon. Only blind people can not notice that the criminal is the one who was in 1912 on the ground and in 1913 on the table gave a visa to divide Macedonia. These are the same ones that in 1948/49. threw napalm bombs at the Macedonians in 1992 adopted the Lisbon Declaration, those who until yesterday blackmailed us to change the name, and today support the genocidal demands of the Bulgarians to erase ourselves as a people. What is not clear here Mr. Dimitrov? Do you still consider the EU as our friend and supporter? There seems to be no other example in the world where the victim considers his executioners as friends.

However, I think the top is held by the Prime Minister.

  1. He went to Brussels to ask the EU to remove identity and language from the negotiating table. The man seems to have forgotten that he, together with his blind supporters, put them on the table by signing the Prespa Agreement and the Good Neighbor Agreement. Mr. Zaev, the EU can not help you with this. Only you and only one way can remove them from the table, by terminating the disastrous contracts. Even young children notice that these agreements are a source of misunderstandings and weapons in the hands of neighbors for blackmail and obscene demands.
  2. He asked the EU to fulfill the promise because we have done everything that was needed and required of us. Mr. Zaev, you are right here. You did indeed do all that was necessary, but you plunged us into a dead-end from which there is no way out. And to ask a prostitute to keep a promise is merely evidence of political blindness.
  3. Despite all this, the Prime Minister is optimistic that he will find a solution and reach an agreement with the Bulgarians. This is the biggest misconception. It is simply unbelievable when we know that the Bulgarian position is cemented by the Declaration of the Bulgarian Parliament, the Explanatory Memorandum of the Government, and the position of the BAS, which seek to acknowledge that we have Bulgarian roots. No Bulgarian politician has the mandate to deviate from this position and veto it. Only Zaev can resign.

He announced this with his statement “Bulgarians ask us to establish Macedonian roots, and we have an obligation on behalf of the future to sit down with the Bulgarians and establish our roots in a European way.”

This statement is diametrically opposed to the statement that identity and language are not discussed. The Prime Minister will have to explain, how does he intend to establish our roots without changing our identity and who authorized him to negotiate for mine and the identity of millions of Macedonians? He will have to explain, does this mean that he is ready to accept the genocidal Bulgarian demands? He must say whether, without a mandate from the people (as well as for the name) he is ready to give up our natural, primordial identity and language, the one inherited from our ancient ancestors, and to accept the one imposed on us by the Bulgarians, the one invented by Tito and Comintern?

Will he place this fabrication in front of the people as our triumph in the negotiations? Forgive me the blind, but the people are fed up with lies and deception. People with political blindness cannot get us out of the impasse. It is time to leave and give way to enlightened people, who instead of political blindness and a policy of exclusivity will offer other alternative options to get out of the stalemate. Dardan of Venice

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