In Macedonia quarantine is only for travelers from India

The mandatory 14-day quarantine will henceforth be available only to travelers from India, the Government of Macedonia decided at a parliamentary session. This means that the quarantine for passengers from Africa and Brazil is lifted.

–  The Government adopted a Decision on termination of the measure by which all domestic and foreign natural persons – travelers from the countries of the African continent and the Federal Republic of Brazil, who enter the border crossings on the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, must be referred within 14 days isolation (quarantine) ie this measure to continue to be applied only to foreign individuals – travelers from the Republic of India – said the Government.


Regarding the epidemic, at the session, the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, informed that the number of diagnosed and hospitalized persons has decreased and consequently some of the COVID centers have been closed.

Regarding the procedure for mass vaccination of the population, Filipce informed that the process of procurement of vaccines and vaccination of the population is going well, announcing the opening of two additional points for immunization in Veles and Prilep.