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What Ukraine is famous for?

Apart from Russia, Ukraine is the largest nation in Eastern Europe and is known for offering several tourist attractions ranging from its centuries-old architecture to a rich culture. In fact, the diversity of the citizens of this country is as diverse as the landscape. So if you are planning to visit the country in near future and may have even booked the tickets for your visit, you might be interested in more information about the Visa process for Ukraine. Therefore, this article provides you with all the information regarding the reasons for the popularity of the country.

1. St. Sophia’s cathedral

Since the 1980s, St. Sophia’s Cathedral is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Comprising 13 domes made of gold, the cathedral is extensively intriguing when it comes to the historic buildings of the country. Inside the place are frescoes, ancient mosaics, and beautiful murals that are hundreds of years old.

2. Chernobyl

If you have heard about Dark Tourism, you must have definitely heard about Chernobyl. Well, it refers to the destinations that are linked to tragic occurrences and deaths. Among these is the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, where a disaster took place in 1989. An explosion occurred in northern Ukraine in a town named Pripyat. Currently, the place is open to visitors.

3. Borscht

The best way of digging into a place’s culture is through cultural food. Borscht is a traditional Ukrainian dish that an individual can find throughout the nation in all kinds of restaurants. The best part about this dish is that it serves your interests well. If you are in the mood of eating something hot, you can eat borscht and in case you are interested in having something cold, borscht is again a choice. Yes, this dish can be served both hot and cold.

4. Sunflower Beds

Among the largest exports of the country is sunflower oil. In fact, Ukraine is the second-largest producer of oil across the globe. For the same reason, when you visit this country, you can find large fields of sunflowers all over the nation. This also marks a choice of the best Instagram photographs, which can be clicked by you in this country anywhere in a sunflower bed. Ensure that you are as close to the field’s edge as possible.

5. Odessa Opera and Ballet

Situated in a historic building in the heart of a town named Odessa, Odessa Opera and Ballet is the oldest theatre located in the town. The visitors tend to attend shows like Madame Butterfly and Swan Lake. One can have a full view of the stage performers while viewing performances at this theatre.

6. Local Outdoor Markets

When you visit the local market of Ukraine, you will come across a huge variety of handicrafts that highlight the country’s traditional arts. There are several kinds of textiles as well, including the hand towels for utilization at home and vyshyvanka, which refer to the conventionally embroidered blouses.

7. Klevan’s Tunnel of Love

Right outside the town named Klevan, the Tunnel of Love is a famous spot for visiting in the country. For singles as well as lovers, this tunnel is a private railway that stretches up to a couple of miles, which provides an illusion of a tunnel that never ends. Majorly, this is made by the canopy of trees over the tracks.

Romantics, as well as parties of brides, come to this place for making a wish or for a romantic promenade. It is said that the couples who come here and make a wish, it comes true if they are truly in love. Further, because of its beauty, this place is among the most photographed places in the country.

8. Experience Restaurants

There are a number of experience restaurants in the larger cities of Ukraine, which provide a bit of humor with a modern take on some kind of the historical past of the nation. Almost every restaurant required a secret password for entering. Searching on Google might provide you with the code but the most crucial step is to pronounce it right. In fact, there are spots where one can sing for the supper and can even get a discount on the bill. Also, if you are a coffee lover, this may amaze you since there are caves in L’viv that fire up a caramel crust on their lattes with a blowtorch. While these places establish their own identity independently, they also provide an experience of the culture.

The Bottom Line

As a visitor to Ukraine, you can go to several places and experience the culture of the nation. Food, experience restaurants, historical monuments, and dance can all provide you with a cultural experience. In fact, you may also get some Insta-worthy clicks during the visit.

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Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
An editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.

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