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Iran, and the Terror of Al-Quds following the advent of Shi’ite Imam al-Mahdi

Biggest Threat: Hamas, Iran, Al-Quds and the advent of Shi'ite Imam al-Mahdi
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The recent Gaza incident which started with rocket shelling on innocent civilians by Hamas clearly indicates that Hamas is not looking for any peaceful solution to the power struggle between the two states, reports Memri TV.

In the recent interview on TV, a senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar found clearly stating that “this land is not suitable for a two-state solution“. As reported on Al-Jazeera, Hamas clamied their victory over Israel after the killings of hundreds of innocent civilians.

Hamas official Al-Zahar directly notified that the Israelis will leave their land [and in turn, they’ll go landless again]. The same solution was introduced by Hitler in the mid-1900s when millions of Jews were forced to either flee or die in their homeland. Germany became hell for them.

Hamas, backed by Iranian and Turkish militias, does not seek any viable solution to the two-state theory as dictated and supported by many countries during UN assemblies.

When it comes to Humanitarian grounds the western media always stays in solidarity with the Palestinian authorities. No media mogul ever really spoke about the rights of either Israeli or Palestinian people. This is not any fight between two civilizations rather it is a fight of occupation, existence, and homeland for people on both sides.

Hamas has shown its satanic face by bombarding innocent civilians in Israel. It is really alarming that during the Memri TV interview, the Hamas official never condemned the bombing which killed hundreds of civilians. On the other hand, the retaliatory measures used by Israeli defense forces made the western media go mad against Israel – a clear case of anti-semitism. A long-grown anti-Semitic attitude in Europeans raged a media war against Israel and its citizens.

Iran, this time, remained behind the curtain supporting Hamas technically and militarily. This new kind of Gorilla war against Israel is not known to the war schools yet and hence not taught there.

Turkey showed its wings during the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s virtual meeting. Turkish president blew fire during the meeting and tried to portray the need for the Ottoman Caliphate. The Arab leaders on the other hand were worried about his attitude during the meeting.

Iranian Al-Quds and Shi’ite Imam al-Mahdi

Iranian Shi’ites like other Muslims are also waiting for the advent of a long-awaited messiah. They call him Mahdi. Sunni Muslims are also waiting for the same. Ruhollah Khomeini’s doctrine is very clear that “we shall wait for the advent of our Imam al-Mahdi and we have to be prepared with military and nuclear support to welcome him. As he shall be sent by Allah and will not be born rather he shall appear from heaven/sky. And then we, under Imam’s leadership, will start wars and kill people and establish the Shi’ite caliphate.” This is what is called ‘Shi’ite TERRORISM‘.

For the same reason, the Al-Quds force is formed in Iran. The basic agenda of Al-Quds is first to destroy Israel and kill all Jews, Christians, other Non-Muslims, and then other Muslims including Sunnis [as they are infidels for Shi’ites].

This is the reason why Al-Quds never confronts any other army directly.

Iranian conspiracy of Hamas is very dangerous not only for Israel but for the western world and later Asian countries too. Iran’s impure intentions may tremble the world upside down. And Turkey’s indirect support does not make them immune to this threat as Iran believes Turkey to be the nation of infidels.

Countries like India, China, Russia, and Germany who choose to remain on neutral grounds are not aware of the so-called religious agenda of Iran. Many schools of thought and think tanks are aware of this upcoming threat.

The recent aggressive attitude of Hamas and then international sympathy towards them including media bias made the intellectuals and think tanks shunned.

The international community should form think tanks that work not just in one direction but in other directions too including the religious role in the economies, society, and military of many countries. The Eastern Herald is working to form a think tank of intellectuals wherein they’ll not just be economists, engineers, social scientists, human rights engineers, scientists, bureaucrats but everyone will have in-depth religious knowledge, know-how, and information on structural implementation too. Presently we’re in a very early stage but very soon we’ll have a very complete conceptual structure too.

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