Psychologists explain the slap in the face to Macron: planned the action in advance
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Psychologists have found an explanation for the slap in the face that French President Emmanuel Macron received two days ago. Brain scientists believe that the aggressive man, who gave the head of state a biting blow, planned it in advance as a political action.

The incident took place today during a visit by Emmanuel Macron to the Drome department in the southeast of the country. The French leader was about to leave after the event but suddenly decided to say hello to the people. Approaching the fence, behind which the citizens of the Fifth Republic crowded, Macron shook his left hand with one of the onlookers. In response, he first answered a greeting, but at the very next moment, he slapped the head of state in the face. Macron jumped back, the special services officers instantly tied the aggressor.


What was it – sudden insanity from closeness to the figure of the president, psychopathy, or an expression of political protest, The Eastern Herald asked the psychologist-profiler Manoj Bimbhra.

–  In this gesture there is no psychology at all, – the expert summed up, – This is an element of the political culture of the French. It is so customary for them: to openly and loudly criticize the authorities, almost to go to the revolution. The same movement of the “yellow vests” is a vivid confirmation of this. To slap the president is generally sacred for them.

At the same time, the psychologist suggested that the young man who hit Macron had planned such an attack on the national leader in advance.

–  Most likely, he specially came to this event to hit the president and in this way express his dissatisfaction with something. He hoped that Macron would approach the people, – concluded Manoj Bimbhra.

Only a similar incident once happened to Joseph Stalin. It happened on November 7, 1927, during a parade on Red Square on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution. The cadets of the Frunze Military Academy were supposed to guard the Soviet leaders on the platform of the mausoleum. One of them, 30-year-old Yakov Okhotnikov, was late for the formation and tried to break through to the tomb of Ilyich when the parade had already begun. An employee of the OGPU blocked his path, but Okhotnikov was relentless. A fight ensued. The gallant cadet nevertheless climbed onto the podium and for some reason hit Stalin on the back of the head with his fist.

There is an opinion among historians that the cadet was a staunch Trotskyist, and in this way decided to take revenge on the leader for his ideological leader. During the scuffle, Okhotnikov was stabbed, and the army commanders Semyon Budyonny and Kliment Voroshilov finally managed to twist the troublemaker.


It is surprising that Yakov Okhotnikov was not punished for assault. Moreover, he was able to graduate from the military academy and even headed the institute for the design of aircraft factories. True, in the end, he was nevertheless arrested for counter-revolutionary activities and shot. But this happened only 10 years later, in March 1937.