After calls for its demolition, an intense security deployment near the shrine of Imam Abu Hanifa in Baghdad
Source: Social Media

On Saturday, the Adhamiya area of ​​Baghdad witnessed an intense security deployment in the vicinity of the shrine of Imam Abu Hanifa al-Numan, against the background of calls on social media from unknown extremist parties to demolish the shrine, which is sacred to Sunni Muslims in Iraq.

The imam and preacher of the Grand Imam Mosque, Sheikh Mustafa al-Bayati, said in a statement seen by The Eastern Herald that “leaders, security ministries and government figures contacted the mosque’s administration and pledged to protect and secure it.”


The Eastern Herald‘s reporter said, “Sheikhs and clerics from Adhamiya visited the security forces in charge of protecting the mosque and the shrine, accompanied by a number of young people and dignitaries from the people of the area” north of the Iraqi capital.

Local media and Iraqi activists published pictures and video clips showing a number of security men sitting in front of the outer wall of the shrine and others roaming the streets near it.

Iraqi activists warned on social media of “sedition” and the danger of entering a “sectarian tunnel.”

Iraqi accounts on Twitter were widely replete with warnings of “sedition” that extremist groups are trying to provoke.

This tweeter gave a historical overview of “The Great Imam Abu Hanifa al-Nu’man Mosque”.

During the past two days, calls spread on social media from unknown parties, which local media say are “extremists”, calling for the demolition of the shrine of Imam Abu Hanifa, less than a week after similar calls were issued to demolish the statue of the founder of Baghdad, the Abbasid Caliph Abu Jaafar al-Mansur.