'Attempted murder and rape', actress Pori Moni's open letter to the Prime Minister
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On Sunday night, the popular heroine of Bangladesh, Pori Moni, got into a brawl on social media over her Facebook post. She tried to lodge a complaint with the police but to no avail. Disappointed, Parimani wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the Facebook wall. However, the heroine did not reveal the name of the accused in the letter.

Pori Moni wrote in a Facebook post- ‘I have been physically abused. I have been raped and tried to kill. I want justice for this. ‘In an instant, this Facebook post of Pori Mani spread like wildfire. The actress made it clear that despite repeated attempts to lodge a complaint with the police, no one is taking up her complaint. The Thana (Banani Thana) has been harassing him for four days but is not accepting the complaint. Helpless, he is writing an open letter to the Prime Minister. His clear statement in the letter, ‘I am a girl, I am a heroine, before that, I am a human being. I can’t keep quiet. If what I have said today is just a girl, I will keep quiet about what people will say, then I, like many others (many of whose names came to mind later), maybe just trying to make their team heavier. ‘

Later that night, Pori Moni called a press conference at her home and revealed the names of the accused. Besides, the actress also told where and how this incident happened to her.

According to the actress, the main culprit (accused) of the incident is a person named Nasir U Mahmud. He is the former president of a club called Uttara Boat Club and a businessman by profession. On the day of the incident (last Wednesday) after 12 pm, Pori Moni went to the club with her acquaintances. On that day, four drunken men physically abused his girlfriend and slapped her. After that, the heroine alleged that an attempt was made to rape her by consuming something intoxicating.

The heroine then fell ill in the middle of a press conference and did not answer any questions. However, there was an uproar in Bengal over Pori Moni’s Facebook post and press conference.

Regarding the status of Pori Moni, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG-Media and Public Relations) Mohammad Sohail Rana said, “She will definitely get justice. We will work for his justice. ‘

Comparing the Prime Minister with her mother, Pori Moni wrote in a Facebook post- ‘I need you, mother. I need you to survive now mom. Mom I want to live. Save me, mother ‘.

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