NATO wants to build up military capabilities to counter Russia
Photo credit: Atlantic Council

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with CNBC that the alliance will continue to build up its military capabilities and use “a wide combination of different tools” to counter “Russian aggression.”

According to him, NATO’s approach to Russia is based on a dual approach – defense and dialogue. NATO will not repeat what Russia is doing, but the alliance’s response will be tough and clear.

“At the moment, we have strengthened our collective defense and will continue to strengthen it by maintaining a high degree of readiness, building up troops, and increasing defense investment,” Stoltenberg added.


The Alliance Secretary-General emphasized that along with the strengthening of the air and missile defense, NATO will monitor the armaments. Stoltenberg spoke about the importance of the sanctions imposed on Russia. Their application should continue along with greater support from close NATO partners such as Georgia or Ukraine.

At the summit to be held today in Brussels, it is planned to put forward a proposal to abandon the deployment of land-based nuclear missiles in Europe.

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