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She started from France, and then a revolutionary character is found. Linda Benallal, a name not many are aware of. An undoubtedly fabulous artistic approach inspired her to go the extra mile and turn her aesthetic dream into reality. This was the birth of Innocent Touch Paris, one of the very exclusive Parisienne clothing lines that amalgamate Arabic culture with French.

Linda, born in Paris, traveled to Dubai in 2003. This was the best time one can actually think of to be a part of Dubai’s rapidly fast-growing economy.

She was born to an Algerian father and a Moroccan mother in France. Her mother taught her the basics of Arab culture. She was raised in the French metropolitan and hence soon she found her place in the French society with a foot punch of Arabic culture. This gave Linda a unique approach to almost everything.

Right after her graduation from her school, she found that she should explore the other parts of Europe too. She traveled to England where she completed her Bachelor in English and Masters in politics degrees. This gave her some extra wings to fly in the open sky with a Londoner badge.

Now, Linda lives in her dream city- Dubai. She said that this is the best city one can ever visit to grow.

She was fortunate enough to join Dubai’s ruler’s office. In 2013 when the Muslim world was facing the terror crISIS of the Islamic State, Linda grew a thought to counter the world, the world which hates Muslims and Islamic culture too. The rise of ISIS gave the biggest ever stigma to the Muslim world. But, she was not the woman who just sits in the closed room and watching Hollywood movies, rather, she brought her idea into reality by incepting her own clothing line that specializes in Muslim women Hijab. She thinks that whether buttoned up to the throat or with cleavage, a woman must be respected!

She is not just a feminist but a role model to many. Daily Mail in 2019 quoted her “I find it irritating when people assume that because I wear mini-skirts and high heels, I must be shallow and not particularly intelligent.” The same spirit she brought to Dubai as well.

Today, Linda is a member of a lot of charity organizations and NGOs. Her primary goal is to inspire the other 50 percent of the population, the women. She is reaching the remote areas in Morocco where she is helping youngsters get up and stand on their feet. On the other hand, she believes herself to be an ambassador of a modern Muslim world. “Islam is a peaceful religion. I want to pass this message to the world.” She is truly breaking the stereotype of Muslim society. Though she is, most of the time, found in western dress, and skirts but her clothing line is dedicated to Hijab, which most of the Muslim world women wear in Public.

“I thank Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. He gave me wings. Not only me but thousands of women are inspired by his leadership and the way he promoted women not only in the Emirati society but the world. He should be the King of the world,” said Linda during the conversation on the phone. She said she is very delighted that the ruler of Dubai gave her media exposure and helped her and hold her hand. Though she never met the Royal Highness she thinks that all the credit for her achievements goes to Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum after her mother who taught her the small lessons during her childhood about clothing and stitching.

Linda today is designing for film stars. She became a member of BPW (Business Professional World) Emirates Club, a group founded by Dr. Hind al Qassimi with more than 50 branches worldwide. Where Linda is helping entrepreneurs worldwide through this reliable business network.

After a lot of involvement in social causes and women empowerment, Linda manages to promote Saraya Corniche Doha. She is the brand ambassador of this five-star hotel in Doha, Qatar.

Indian film industry fascinates many and Linda too somehow inspired by the legacy of Bollywood. “I want to marry Salman Khan,” Linda Benallal expresses during a table talk.

“In 2006 I saw Salman Khan in a mall and I was just looking at him. I didn’t know who was he. He passed by me and then almost 2 years later my friend went to an Indian movie with me and I saw Salman Khan there in the movie,” her eyes were sparkling when talking about Indian film star Salman Khan.


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Today Linda among other clubs and non-profits is an honorable member of Global Goodwill Ambassador Algeria and a member of GGA club USA too. Her message to all the women of the world is, “Be strong and face the world. The world is ready to welcome you.”

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