Fans storm Wembley Stadium to attend Euro 2020 final
An England supporter wears a flag as he walks by a police line near Leicester Square in London, Sunday, July 11, 2021, during the Euro 2020 soccer championship final match between England and Italy which is being played at Wembley Stadium. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

Fans without tickets stormed Wembley Stadium and managed to reach the European Championship final between England and Italy on Sunday.

Fans were seen standing at Wembley Stadium but were unable to reach the seats.

“There was a security breach and a small group of fans entered the stadium,” Wembley Stadium said in a statement.

She added that officials are working with hosts and security to get fans who do not have tickets out.

A fan space was set up in Trafalgar Square in the British capital.

It also stated that “anyone inside the stadium without a ticket will be expelled immediately.”

Videos circulating on social media showed fans storming the stadium.

A previous statement from the stadium management said that fans tried to enter the stadium by climbing a low-rise barrier, but the officials and the police were able to prevent them.

He also added that “safety measures were quickly implemented in this area, and people without tickets were unable to make any security breach and enter the stadium.”

Wembley’s capacity is normally 90,000 seats, but its number has been reduced due to the pandemic to only about 67,000 seats.

And the match moved to two extra periods after scoring two equal goals between the two teams in the original time of the match.

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