It is not the first time that mass graves have been found in Tarhuna (TWITTER PHOTO)

The Libyan Commission for the Search and Identification of Missing Persons announced, on Monday, the discovery of two new mass graves in the city of Tarhunah, western Libya.

The authority revealed that it will start the recovery operations from Tuesday.

Libyan media Afrigate News quoted the authority’s media office as saying that its teams were able to discover the two tombs in the agricultural project in the city of Tarhunah.


Since 2020, the name of the city of Tarhunah has been repeated after mass graves were found in June.

At that time, the Government of National Accord had just recovered it from the forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, a strongman in an authority stationed in eastern Libya, and since that date, 140 bodies have been recovered, according to AFP.

What is known in Libya as the “Al-Kani gang “, also known as “Al-Kaniyat”, controlled Tarhunah in 2015.

“Al-Kaniyat” was supportive of the Government of National Accord first, then transferred its allegiance to Haftar’s forces, which made Tarhunah a rear base in its attempt to control the capital as of April 2018.

Human Rights Watch, a human rights defender, said at the time that during these years the armed group had “kidnapped, detained, killed and hidden people who opposed it or were suspected of doing so.”

And according to several testimonies that it came to them to use black to spread panic.

Also last January, the Libyan Interior Ministry of the United Nations-recognized Government of National Accord (before it transferred its powers to the Government of National Unity) announced that 10 bodies had been found in a mass grave in Tarhunah.

Libya has plunged into chaos since the NATO-backed uprising that led to the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011.

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