Najibullah Alikhil, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan(Najibullah Alikhil/Twitter PHOTO)

A day after the kidnapping of the daughter of its ambassador to Pakistan, Afghanistan on Sunday recalled its ambassador to Islamabad and senior diplomats due to “security threats”.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a statement that the summoning of the ambassador and senior envoys came in response to security threats, noting that this would continue until all threats were removed, and the kidnappers were arrested and tried.


And the Afghan government said, on Saturday, that the daughter of the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan was kidnapped for a short period and mistreated by unknown persons.

She also explained at the time that Silsila Ali Khel was on her way to her home when she was detained for several hours and subjected to “severe torture”, without giving further details about her kidnapping in Islamabad.

“Beating and Insulting”

A medical report seen by The Associated Press stated that the ambassador’s 26-year-old daughter was hit on the head, and that there were traces of ropes on her wrist and legs, and she was severely beaten.

The report said that she was suspected of having several broken bones and an X-ray was ordered.

The report also indicated that her kidnappers held her for more than five hours, and that the police transferred her to a hospital in Islamabad, but there were no details of the kidnapping itself or the circumstances of her release.

For its part, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement yesterday, that the Afghan embassy informed it of the assault on the daughter of the Afghan ambassador while she was riding in a rented car.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry added that the police were investigating this “disturbing incident” and that security measures had been tightened for the ambassador and his family.


It is noteworthy that relations between the two neighbors Pakistan and Afghanistan lukewarm for a long time. Kabul accuses Pakistan of allowing safe havens for Taliban militants.

For its part, Islamabad accuses Afghanistan of allowing extremists to use its territory to carry out attacks in Pakistan. Both deny the charges.