A joint report of the Ministry of Regional Cooperation and the Export Institute in Israel revealed on Tuesday, the volume of trade exchange between Morocco and Israel, and the latter stressed that due to the peace agreement signed between the two parties, Morocco will be the Israeli trade gateway to Africa.

A quarter of a billion dollars, the volume of trade exchange

The report said that the potential export potentials from Israel to Morocco amount to about a quarter of a billion dollars a year. According to the survey, the relations of the two peoples allow today a rare mixture of economic and commercial interests and deep cultural relations.

A Moroccan advantage for Tel Aviv lies in the fact that trade with Rabat entered, at the beginning of the year, a free trade agreement with the continent of Africa. Thus, it will be possible to use Morocco as a gateway to Africa in general.

Cooperation with Morocco is an Israeli strategic goal

And the Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation, Issawi Freij, says: “Increasing cooperation on the part of Israel in this field is His Highness’ first strategic goal.”

The number of Israeli tourists who visit the kingdom ranges between 30,000 and 45,000 per year. The potential to export to Morocco is mainly in the areas of agricultural inputs, water treatment, digital systems and smart industries, cyber, security, digital health devices and smart urban systems.

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