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The National Security Committee of the Iranian Parliament confirmed that “Israel” does not have the ability to attack Iranian forces in Syria or its ships at sea. The statement came in response to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s statement against Iran following the recent attack on an Israeli oil tanker off the coast of the Sultanate of Oman.

Committee spokesman Mahmoud Meshkini said in press statements that “Israel is not in the size and capacity that would qualify it to attack our forces in Syria or our ships at sea.”


He added that “Israel is nothing today, and the biggest problem for Israel now is its legitimacy as it seeks sabotage abroad to solve its internal problems.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed that his country knows how to “respond alone” to Iran after Washington confirmed that it was studying a “collective response with international partners” to Tehran after it was accused of targeting an oil tanker operated by an Israeli company in the Arabian Sea off the Arabian Sea. The coast of Oman.

Bennett said, during a visit, on Tuesday, to the headquarters of the Northern Military District, accompanied by Chief of Staff, Aviv Kohavi, and a number of military leaders, according to a statement by his office: “Regarding the ship and the Iranian file in general, we are working to mobilize the world, but in parallel, we also know How do we work alone.”

He added: “Immediately after the Iranian attack on the ship, we shared our intelligence with our friends in the United States, Britain, and other countries,” noting that “no one doubts the identity of the party behind this event, but we have provided conclusive evidence to confirm this.”

Bennett stressed that “Iran now knows the price of threatening Israel’s security, and the Iranians must understand that it is not possible to sit comfortably in Tehran and ignite the entire Middle East from there. This is over.”

Last Thursday, the Mercer Street ship belonging to the Zodiac shipping company operated by the Israeli Ofer family was attacked in the Gulf of Oman, killing two crew members, a British and a Romanian.


Israel explicitly accused Iran of being behind the attack, and Lapid said in a tweet on his Twitter account: “Iran is not only an Israeli problem but a source of terrorism, destruction, and instability that harms us all. We must never be silent in the face of Iranian terrorism that targets freedom of navigation.”.