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The head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, promised to deploy the Russian army in the country if the need arises. The corresponding statement was made by him during the “Big Conversation” with journalists, which was broadcast on the video hosting YouTube.

In the words of the politician, “millions” of American military facilities are now deployed in the European Union. Some of them are equipped with nuclear weapons, Lukashenka noted. In this regard, in his words, Western countries should not “take a steam bath” about the fact that one or several Russian military bases, as well as Chinese or Ukrainian ones, may appear in Belarus.

“But if necessary, there will not only be a base here … All the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be deployed here!” – noted the Belarusian leader.

During the same “Big Conversation” Lukashenko announced his “very soon resignation” from the post of head of state, and accused the West of trying to unleash a third world war. “Look, you’re going to start a third world war,” he said. – Are you pushing us with the Russians to this? Do you want to win this war? There will be no winners. And if they do, it’s not you. So calm down,” the Belarusian leader advised.

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