Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers keep watch at a checkpoint in the Guzara district of Herat province, Afghanistan July 9, 2021. REUTERS/Jalil Ahmad

On Thursday, the US State Department revealed talks held by the US Secretary of State and Defense with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, in which they told him that the United States “continues to invest in the security and stability of Afghanistan.”

Speaking with Ghani, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Washington would reduce its civilian presence in Kabul, given the “evolving security situation.”

In a statement, the two ministers indicated that Washington will work to increase the frequency of immigration flights for Afghans who helped the United States in Afghanistan.


The two ministers added that the United States remains committed to maintaining a robust diplomatic and security relationship with the Afghan government, according to the statement.

The Pentagon also confirmed, Thursday, that it will start deploying 3,000 troops to Afghanistan, immediately, in order to safely evacuate US embassy employees in light of the growing threat posed by the Taliban.

According to a Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, “the first move will consist of three infantry battalions that are currently under Central Command’s area of ​​responsibility.”

The forces are working to provide ground and air support for the procedures, as well as to secure the Americans who will be evacuated outside the country, according to a US official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

And on Thursday, the US Embassy in Afghanistan called on American citizens to leave the country immediately via available commercial flights.

The embassy urged, through its official website, Americans to contact it in the event that it is not possible to purchase an airline ticket at this time, or in the event of a delayed departure while waiting for an immigrant visa for a spouse or minor child.


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