Can Travellers enter Malaysia?
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In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Malaysia has imposed entrance and mobility restrictions on all foreign nationals. Please go to the Ministry of Health  to get the latest up-to-date data. You should check this information about visa to Malaysia .

Foreigners, both visitors, and long-term residents have been arrested and charged with violating COVID-19 limitations, such as failing to socially remove themselves in public spaces or being present in a location suspected of breaking existing standards. There is a transitory disallowance on trips to and from India. All visitors from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are not permitted to enter or travel to Malaysia, with the exception of Malaysian citizens.

Malaysia is in Phase One of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) until the essential pointers are reached to progress to Phase Two, which starts on June 29. The Full Movement Control Order is the principal period of the NRP (FMCO). From July 3 to July 16, 2021, a more grounded “Upgraded Movement Control Order (EMCO)” is in power in specific regions the nation over, including Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.


For stays of under 90 days, a visa is generally not needed. Due to COVID-19, Malaysia has imposed rigorous entry restrictions and quarantine regulations. For this information on COVID-19 entry/exit regulations in Malaysia, go to the Embassy’s COVID-19 page.

Traveling to Malaysia as a Foreign National

Because of the COVID-19, Malaysia has forced passageway and portability limitations on every outside public. With not many exceptional cases, all far-off nationals are disallowed from entering Malaysia. However, the end date might be stretched out at the prudence of the Malaysian government. Coronavirus testing and a compulsory fourteen-day self-isolate will be expected of all explorers entering Malaysia during the RMCO.

Far off nationals are allowed to travel using Malaysian air terminals’ worldwide terminals as long as they are not obliged to go through migration while on the way. It is legal for foreign nationals to leave the country. All travelers ought to know that additional travel limitations might be executed with almost no notification.

The individuals who test positive will be promptly shipped off to an administration-assigned treatment office. In contrast, the individuals who test negative will be obliged to finish a fourteen-day self-isolate. Kindly contact the Malaysian National Disaster Management Agency for this information on isolate guidelines (NADMA).

The in the meantime, visit the Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Health sites, just as Ministry of Health web-based media pages, to get familiar with this information and current careful steps in Malaysia in light of the flare-up, tourism warnings/limitations to Malaysia, and other data.

The Ministry of Health has also established a portal to communicate this information on COVID-19 across Malaysia, in conjunction with Doctor On Call.

Requirements for Travelling

A visitor must meet the following requirements to enter Malaysia:

Have a passport or other travel document

Anyone entering Malaysia should have a legitimate public identification or a globally perceived travel archive substantial for the country. Anyone who doesn’t have many visas or travel archives by the Malaysian government should acquire a Document instead of a Passport. You can register for Documentation instead of a Passport at any Malaysian Representative Office overseas. Rather than a passport, you can qualify for a document at any Malaysian Representative Office overseas. Travel Document holders should guarantee that they can get back to their nation of beginning. The records should be substantial for something like six (6) months after the section date.

Comply with visa requirements

A visa is underwriting in an outsider’s identification or other perceived travel archive showing that the holder has applied for and been conceded consent to enter Malaysia. The Immigration Officer at the passage point settles on an ultimate conclusion.

You must have a valid return ticket and adequate finances

A guest should likewise show that he has the monetary way to remain in Malaysia and has an affirmed return ticket or a pass to a third country.

Regardless of whether the individual has a legitimate identification or travel record, visa, travel ticket, and sufficient accounts, anybody arranged under Section 8 of the Immigration Act 1959/63 won’t be permitted to enter Malaysia.

Pass-related data

All applications for different sorts of passes should be submitted in the country, except for applications to visit the country for social or business purposes. Every application should be joined by support who will be answerable for the unfamiliar public’s essence in Malaysia and, whenever required, bringing home.

Notwithstanding a visa, foreign nationals visiting Malaysia should get a grant at the mark of section (where required). This permits them to remain for now.

A pass is a stamp in your identification that awards you authorization to remain for the predetermined measure of time.


In Malaysia, lockdown constraints are still set up because of an upsurge in COVID-19 occasions. Unimportant government capacities, organizations, and instructive establishments have been closed down. Coronavirus limits are liable to change whenever. Know about any limitations in your space and regard neighborhood specialists’ directions. Travel among locale and states isn’t allowed. Because of COVID-19 guidelines, you’ll need police leeway to travel to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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