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Saturday, October, 1, 2022

Press Release

Sai Life Sciences opens new Discovery Biology facility at its integrated R&D campus in Hyderabad, India

HYDERABAD, India, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sai Life Sciences, a leading global Contract Research, Development & Manufacturing Organization (CRO-CDMO), today announced the opening of a new biology facility at its integrated R&D campus in Hyderabad, India. The facility marks an important milestone in the journey of positioning itself as a differentiated player in Discovery Biology.

Making the announcement, CEO & Managing Director of Sai Life Sciences, Krishna Kanumuri said, “The new facility marks the culmination of a journey we began two years ago, of creating differentiated value for our discovery clients through an integrated delivery model across Boston and Hyderabad. By bringing the best of talent, technology, complementary services and efficiency we are confident of bringing unique value to our clients and are keen to take on integrated discovery mandates, at scale.”

Continuing with the company’s aggressive growth in its biology services, the new state-of-the-art facility houses expanded in vitro and in vivo biology services, DMPK, toxicology and a vivarium. The facility augments both, its capabilities and capacity, to deploy cutting-edge platforms and technologies for accelerating integrated drug discovery programs.

Boston-Hyderabad integrated delivery model

Sai Life Sciences has been steadily growing its biology capabilities to complement its strong foundation in medicinal chemistry, DMPK and toxicology for supporting its customers across the entire drug discovery journey from target ID and validation to IND. In 2019, the company opened its first international R&D facility with a biology lab in Boston, USA. The Boston Biology Lab is designed to offer start-up and biotech companies in the region biology services to address exploratory and custom biology needs.

The integrated delivery model for Biology aims to provide clients an optimal solution in terms of expertise, speed, and cost. In this model, critical exploratory work involving close hand-in-hand collaboration with clients is done at the Boston lab, following which, established assays are tech transferred to Hyderabad for greater throughput. A seamless and rapid technology transfer across sites is achieved through a unified global organization and matching infrastructure across both sites. Encouraged by the initial success with the Boston-Hyderabad integrated model, the company plans to expand its capacity at both locations in the coming months.

The company’s discovery services support a wide range of global innovator companies from start-ups to large pharma companies, across a diverse set of therapeutic areas including oncology, CNS, antivirals, and inflammation among others. With a strong track record of enduring customer relationships averaging 10+ years, Sai Life Sciences has advanced 35+ programs to different clinical phases (IND to Phase-III) with the average turnaround time from Hit/Lead to Candidate being 18 months.

The new facility culminates the company’s journey of unifying its discovery, early & late phase development and clinical supply capabilities in a single 13-acre campus housing over 1000 scientists, delivering integrated value at scale.

About Sai Life Sciences

Sai Life Sciences is a full-service CRO-CDMO that works with innovator pharma and biotech companies globally, to accelerate the discovery, development and commercialisation of complex small molecules. For over two decades, Sai Life Sciences has consistently delivered high-quality, cost-effective solutions to its diverse customers spanning biotechs, small, mid and large pharma. Today, it has over 2200 employees across its facilities in India, UK and USA.

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