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The Japanese authorities refused to provide official information about the man who allegedly sailed from Kunashira to Hokkaido.

The foreigner is currently being transferred to the Japan Immigration Office in Sapporo. As the head of the Japanese service explained, the impossibility of cooperation with the Russian Consulate General is due to the lack of instructions from the leadership in Tokyo, as well as the man’s unconfirmed citizenship.


If it is established that this person is a citizen of Russia, the diplomatic mission will seek information about him from Japan, the consulate general stressed. The Russian side also intends to meet with him.

The newspaper “Yomiuri”, after meeting with eyewitnesses, reports that a man landed in Hokkaido in a tracksuit and sneakers with a backpack and absolutely dry. Hokkaido Shinbun writes that the man is 38 years old and has a Russian driver’s license with him.

An anonymous source in the administration of the Yuzhno-Kurilsk city district told The Eastern Herald that he knew who he was talking about. This man came to the island three years ago from Udmurtia.

The man went to sea on August 17, and only on the 20th was picked up by the Japanese border guards. Recall, between Kunashir and Hokkaido, about 20 km.

The man who sailed from Kunashira to Hokkaido became known on August 20. As the Japanese police said on August 21, the citizen intends to apply for asylum to the authorities of a third country. What state is in question is not specified.