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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Press Release

A New OTT Platform, A Brand of Hangover Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Director Venkat Prabhu is a well-known film-maker in the South Indian film industry and known for making blockbusters such as Chennai 600028, Mankatha, Saroja and others. He is a master of fresh and innovative content that resonate with audiences. He has always steered clear of cliches and created memorable viewing experiences. He has now taken his passion for cinema a step further by launching a new OTT platform, a brand of Hangover Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and is available at & also at google play store.

Director Venkat Prabhu enters the Game of OTT with innovative platform


In today’s fast-paced world and with the pandemic, the way people consume modern-day entertainment has changed drastically. Venkat Prabhu is proud to announce the release of the Black Ticket Cinemas OTT, in partnership with ONVI Media. is built on ONVI’s proprietary OTT streaming technology platform. The launch will be marked by the overseas release of movie Kasadathabara! all over the world (Excluding India).


Black Ticket Cinemas has the distinction of becoming the world’s premier streaming video service using a pay as you go method. This digital platform brings quality media content to devices which will include a host of films, exclusive music concerts, digital events and other shows specifically created for this medium.


Pay only for what you choose!

What makes Black Ticket Cinemas unique is that unlike the other popular subscription-based OTT platforms, this is a purely no-subscription model. The app has been developed on a pay-per -view system which means one needs to just pay for content selected. This apart, plenty of free content will be made available too. It offers worldwide access which will make it easy for Indian entertainment lovers to watch from anywhere. Digital events are getting bigger and turning out to be an alternative for live events, the app offers plenty of such exciting events too. One can also enjoy concerts as music icons bring home the thrilling experience.


What’s in it for Filmmakers and Producers?

Black Ticket Cinemas comes as a boon to filmmakers and producers as this will be the first OTT platform to integrate Forensic Watermarking – an Anti-piracy technology. This watermark will be embedded in the content and though not visible on the screen can track the content if there are piracy attempts.


BTC has the advanced Geo-lock feature which can make content accessible to specific locations alone. This is very useful say where a movie or series that’s to be theatrically released in India can be blocked for Indian viewers but allowed access to audiences in other locations. Black Ticket Cinemas allows Filmmakers and Producers to retain ownership of content and they also enjoy revenue through advertisements. Transparent reports from Personal Dashboard for producers help them track number of viewers and Collections. The Black Ticket Cinemas Proposes a model where Producers’ Council also gets revenue.


Black Ticket Cinemas is set to revolutionize the OTT scenario in India

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