Allegedly hijacked plane by Taliban (FILE)

The story with the Ukrainian plane, which was supposed to evacuate the citizens of Independent from Afghanistan, but was “captured” and flew to Iran, took on a new turn – as the Ukrainian media like the Interfax Ukraine wrote, no one hijacked it, it was chartered by rich Afghans. The expert suggested who the Ukrainian aircraft could have evacuated, why the details of the incident were hidden in Kiev, and why it was necessary to come up with a detective plot.

Dozens of planes land at the Kabul airport every day, which are taken out of the captured by the Taliban by the personnel of diplomatic missions, foreign contractors and business representatives, American allies among Afghans. According to media reports, the Taliban will not occupy the airport until August 31, but not all countries meet this deadline.

According to a number of foreign publications, a group of Ukrainians, probably, mercenaries from private military companies, remained in Afghanistan. They were forced to turn to the Russian consulate for help in negotiations with the Taliban, as the Ukrainian authorities left them to their fate. On Tuesday, the details of the evacuation of Ukrainians from Afghanistan were revealed in Kiev.


As the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevgheniy Yenin said, last week unknown armed people seized the plane sent for evacuation at the Kabul airport. The invaders demanded to take them to the territory of Iran. The politician did not name the alleged perpetrators of the incident, which gave rise to a lot of speculation on social networks.

Later, information appeared in the Ukrainian press that the plane was not hijacked at all, but only chartered by wealthy Afghans intending to leave the country, and they took all the seats. The Hazaras, who have long opposed the Taliban, paid for the flight with precious stones, gold and currency. However, it is still not clear why Kiev hid the real state of affairs and reported about the “hijacking of the plane” by terrorists, when the truth was revealed so quickly.

In an interview, military expert Alexander Mikhailovsky noted that, most likely, Ukrainian pilots and politicians decided to earn extra money and not share with American partners. According to him, there were Iranians on board.

–  The cunningness of the Ukrainians has long been proverbial. Judge for yourself, there are a lot of people willing to leave. Every board counts. Why not earn some extra money? And then to pretend that we were captured, threatened, we know nothing and our hut was on the edge. At least it seems to be much more realistic than the numerous conspiracy theories.

–  Why did you need to hide this fact?

–  It was not by chance that they said that the plane was “hijacked” to Iran. I will assume that this was the case. In Kabul and in Afghanistan in general, there are many Iranian troops, intelligence officers, consultants, and quite a few businessmen. After all, Iran is the only one that has invested in Afghanistan over the years. They need to get theirs out. But the airport is tight under the Americans. You can’t land your board there. Output? We must look for a “ride”. And then in order to excuse himself before the Americans, stories from militants about hijacking planes and so on are dispersed in Kiev. There are too many inconsistencies in this story. By the way, it is possible that one of the heads of local Shiite Muslims, Ismail Khan, flew this plane. He was captured by the Taliban, and then suddenly ended up in Iranian Mashhad.

–  How then did the Iranians get through the American outer cordon of the Kabul airport?

–  There are not only Americans. There are Turks, even Azerbaijanis. I think we agreed on a corridor, slipped through. You can see for yourself what is going on there.



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