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“Combat Barbie” served as a US Marine in Afghanistan, now on world conquest via Instagram

Rianna Conner Carpenter joined the Marines at the age of 18, and served in the military in Afghanistan, where her colleagues called her a Combat Barbie. She reached the position of sergeant in the army, and today she is 26 years old and attracts attention by posing outside the uniform.


The girl became famous not for her military exploits, but for the fact that she began to upload photos in military uniform and without it on her Instagram page. Thanks to the “hot” pictures, Rianna got an army of subscribers (more than 410 thousand), they call her “Combat Barbie”. For her latest shoot, she posed for photographer Robert Alvardo to create a series of racy shots that mimic the pin-up style popular during World War II.

Rianna has a profile on Instagram that is approaching 600,000 followers, and some of the photos of the fighting Barbie that she shared on Instagram are being uploaded to the gallery.

Rianna Carpenter who hails from California posed for various makeup, and sports brands. There is no credible information about her boyfriend or love affair. Our search is going on and we’ll update you guys regarding her love life and other things about her.


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Sgt. Rianna Conner appeared on the cover of many fashion and health magazines like Maxim and Playboy.

Sgt. Conner on the cover page of Maxim Magazine

She has never shared any information about her family or childhood. She is a famous star on TikTok too. There she is followed by 13.9k followers.

Rianna attracted many fans on Twitter too. With a fan base of more than 257k, she is always a hot topic of gossip here.

Rianna always works hard to keep her body in good shape. The two things she is most famous for are her body shape and her body tattoos.



Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
An editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.



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