US soldiers in Afghanistan as evacuations continue despite risk of possible attacks (Photo by Jillian HIX / US ARMY / AFP PHOTO / US AIR FORCE / Sgt. Jillian G. HIX )

The US Central Command, “Centcom,” confirmed on Sunday that its forces launched a raid in the Afghan capital, Kabul, that eliminated an “imminent threat” of ISIS.

A statement by the command said that “the raid was carried out by a drone,” adding that “it carried out the target successfully, and that the size of the explosion of the car showed the presence of a large number of explosive materials inside.”

The statement also indicated that secondary explosions occurred as a result of the presence of a large number of explosives inside the car.

The Central Command said that “the possibility of civilian casualties is being evaluated,” but that “initial indications do not indicate that this will happen.”

A source in the Pentagon confirmed to The Eastern Herald that the US forces launched a raid in Kabul on a target belonging to ISIS-Khorasan. And that “the target was a car bomb, which led to secondary explosions due to the explosives it was carrying.”

And US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said on Sunday that Washington was “doing everything we can to keep people safe. But the danger is very high,” warning of the possibility of an attack in Kabul.

This warning is the second issued by Washington, as US President Joe Biden said, on Saturday, that there is still a high risk of a second attack on Kabul Airport.

Officials said that the United States is capable of confronting terrorism in Afghanistan, according to the US National Security Adviser, who also said that “terrorists there do not have the capabilities to plan external attacks.”

Chaos prevails outside Kabul airport during the evacuations, at a time when a double attack, claimed by ISIS at Kabul airport, on Thursday, killed 13 American soldiers and wounded 18 others, in addition to the killing of dozens of Afghans, according to the Pentagon, to be the deadliest attack targeting the American army in Afghanistan since 2011.

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