President Biden approved emergency declarations for Louisiana and Mississippi (PHOTO: AGENCIES)

More than 300,000 people were left without electricity after Hurricane “Ida” of the fourth category reached Louisiana, writes Sky News.

Described as an “extremely dangerous” storm of the fourth category, it hit the same day as Hurricane “Katrina”, which had ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi 16 years earlier.

The fifth strongest hurricane based on wind speed
Arriving with a barometric pressure of 930 millibars, “Ida” is the fifth strongest hurricane that will hit the United States based on wind speed.

Based on central pressure, it is said to be the ninth strongest hurricane.

U.S. President Joe Biden warned that the storm was “life-threatening” and that the destruction “is likely to be enormous.” Joe Biden’s government is preparing for the worst.

The waves hit the lighthouse (PHOTO AGENCIES)

Biden said it could take weeks for some places to get electricity back.

Officials said that “Ida”, by rapidly intensifying from several thunderstorms to a huge hurricane, did not leave time for the organization of the obligatory evacuation of 390,000 inhabitants within three days.

Residents should not go outside
New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell called on everyone in the city to stay in the city from that moment on. She said the public should see signs of “moving out of this” on Monday morning, but warned people “not to go out” until told.

“My message to the community at the moment, all our residents, even the visitors who are here, this is the time to stay inside, don’t go out,” Cantrell said.

A team of journalists reports in New Orleans (PHOTO AGENCIES)

She characterized the hurricane as a “very serious and dangerous situation.”

President Biden approved emergency declarations for Louisiana and Mississippi before “Ida’s” arrival.

–  “Ida” will definitely be stronger than “Katrina”, and by a big difference – said Hurricane researcher from the University of Miami Brian McNoldy.

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