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Sex.. 10 dishes from humiliation to cocktails are growing in popularity in Britain

The British have been diligent in “traveling indoors” during the epidemic, according to a survey conducted by Mattress Next Day, which shows that many people have recently tried their hand at soaking and new things in the bedroom. Top 10 sex dishes in England trending in society.

Wetness is a word used to describe what arouses a person’s sexual desire that falls outside the norm. This is a broad concept and can cover many things, although some blemishes are more popular or common than others.

Top 10 Sex Dishes Trending in England

Sexologist  Kate Sloan shared with the Daily Star ten hits that are growing in popularity in the UK today, compared to what has been most sought after in search engines in that country.


The spot that most Britons searched for on search engines over the past year was masochism, with 300 percent more familiar with masochism in that country compared to the year before.

Regarding masochism, Kate says: “Masochism is a sexual desire to feel pain, whether it comes from bites, scratches, bruises, or something like hot wax being poured over the body. When we feel pain, the body produces endorphins that many people find exciting or relaxing. ”

Kate advises those who want to continue experimenting with masochism to start by discussing things well with the person who is going to provide the pain. For example, you can give a pain rating from 1-10 to indicate how much pain you feel and how much pain you are willing to receive amid the experience.

In such an experiment, it is also generally recommended to come up with a security word to let people know when you have had enough or too much.

Wet and shabby

Wet and sploshing is the wetness that means that a person is sexually aroused by something being poured or spilled on the body, but 250 percent more Britons have experienced that wetness in the last year than the year before.

Kate says: “This involves getting wet and shabby during sex, often by using food (for example, throwing a cream cake in front of someone with consent) but sometimes it also involves using some wet and shabby material such as mud or oil. ”

Kate says that for those who want to keep experimenting with this wetness, do it in a place that is easy to clean, such as a bathtub, shower, or on top of a plastic sheet.

“Make sure that no sugary substance gets into or near the urethra, as it can create a risk of fungal infection; if it happens by accident, flush the area as soon as possible. ”


About 140 percent more Britons have been curious about slaps in the past year than the year before. There is also talk of impact play.

Kate says that in this mood, people are excited about being hit, such as slapping and beatings. The blows can be provided with all kinds of tools, objects, and of course hands.

Kate recommends that people come up with a security word or sign before trying to continue flirting. “For example, you can use the traffic light system where green means ‘keep going’, yellow means ‘please stop and take my position’, and red means ‘stop immediately’.”

To roll

The British are also more fond of gagging than before.

Kate says, “Rolling someone involves putting something or a body part in their mouth.”

Kate says that in the case of this wetness, it is important to use safety signs as a person with a roll can not use safety words. “This could involve poking the sex partner in the shoulder twice to indicate that things are going well.”


Implementation as wetness means that a person is sexually aroused by being an object, so the object is made with their consent. 70 percent more Britons have considered objectification, which has bled in the past year than the year before.

Kate  says: “It involves treating someone like an object, whether it is a sexual device or a literal object.”

Kate advises those who want to try out the role models to pay close attention to each other after the game is over.

“Taking good care of each other afterward is extremely important in objectification. Spend time with your opponent after the objectification where you just hang out and relax, maybe by having a snack, a drink and talking about what you were doing in a positive and constructive way. ”


The queen is the sixth most popular blood in the UK today, with 62 percent more seeking information about the blood last year than the year before.

Kate says: “Dominance is about controlling the way the blood is done or being” the manager “while the opponent plays the underlying role. This can be a healthy way to expand on incentives that would otherwise be classified as governance. ”

Kate reminds us of an important thing about queenhood. “Even though it seems that the ruling party is manipulating the underdog and letting it do whatever the ruler wants, this is in fact a collaboration between the two parties.”

To cook

The chefs (e. Cuckolding ) also enjoy more popularity in the UK than in the past.

Kate  says: “Making someone a cook means having sex with another person in front of your spouse.”

Kate points out that those who are interested in trying this wetness do not necessarily need to bring another person into the bedroom.

“Instead, you could talk sexually to each other about a third party that one of you could have sex with.”

Bindings or Bondage

Binding (e.  Bondage ) is in eighth place. But just 31 percent more Britons sought information on binding last year.

Kate says: “Binding involves restricting someone’s movements in order to stimulate them sexually. This can be done with ropes and handcuffs ”

Kate recommends that people take care to insert at least two fingers between the shackles and the body so as not to stop the blood circulation.

Sexual Humiliation

Says Kate: “Erotic humiliation involves humiliating someone in order to make them. It is important to discuss this well in advance to find out what is okay to use to humiliate and what is not. For example, there are many who do not care that their appearance is criticized or foolish. ”

Sexual Roleplay

Role-playing involves stepping into a role, pretending to be someone else.

Kate says: “Try meeting your partner at a bar or restaurant and pretend to be meeting for the first time. This is a good role-playing game for beginners because you can actually be yourself, just in a different situation. “

Miranda Novell
Miranda Novell
Studied Psychology of Human Sex. I have a long history of working with Aphrodisiacs in the Middle-East, Serbia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Guatemala. Writing for column 'Pink' on The Eastern Herald.

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