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Wednesday, September, 28, 2022

Press Release

Yutong Launched its Latest EV Battery Safety Technology

Equipped with multiple patented technologies, Yutong YESS is set to bring the EV safety standard to the next level.
ZHENGZHOU, China, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On August 31st, Yutong Power Battery Safety Protection Standard Conference & Power Battery Safety Test was streamed live worldwide, unveiling its latest EV bus safety technology, the YESS – Yutong Electric & Battery Safety Protection Standards. It will be the world’s first EV safety technology to be applied in batches on commercial vehicles.
YESS offers 5 layers of protections– whole-vehicle security, system security, box security, component security and monitoring security, realizing 3 major improvements on safety level, all-weather capability and road adaptability.

Researches suggested that over 30% of EV battery failures were caused by external damages. Therefore, instead of just protecting the battery, YESS covers the whole vehicle and uses a “Cage type” structure to surround the battery with a high-strength fence to cushion such collisions. 

As for internal failures like ISC and TR, the system security of YESS applies an industry first nitrogen protection technology to completely cut off the oxygen in the battery box to avoid combustion.

When it comes to the separation of external and internal safety hazards, the box security of YESS ensures a multi-layered thermal-electrical coupling protection.

The component security comes in handy under extreme conditions like high voltage. It adapts the commercial-vehicle-suitable multi-package liquid thermal technology to build a heating-parts-free battery box.

YESS is also about real-time monitoring. It provides an all-time, all-fields monitor over the battery conditions, and a mobile app to enable the intelligent cloud management.

Confident in this technology, Yutong conducted a battery safety test show during the live stream, putting the YESS-equipped battery pack under extreme test conditions of overheating and overcharging to prove its safety and stability.

Stepping into the field of new energy vehicles in 2008, Yutong has sold over 150,000 units worldwide with the total operating mileage reaching 24,800,000,000km. Determined to mitigate the concerns over EV safety, Yutong has shifted the battery safety into the next gear with YESS – an all-around integrated safety solution that focuses on the whole vehicle as a completed system.


Yutong is determined to continue upgrading its technology and updating YESS to guard passengers’ every journey on Yutong EV buses with safety, sustainability and comfortability.

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