The number of infections doubled among those who did not receive corona vaccines (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP)

The number of children infected with the Coronavirus increased in the US state of Ohio, to record the highest numbers of infections for this category since the beginning of the crisis.

State officials said that 6 children’s hospitals received more than 70 children infected with the Coronavirus, the highest number since the beginning of the epidemic, according to the Cleveland website.

They added that these numbers are the highest, especially as they required hospital treatment, and caused respiratory diseases, which put pressure on the intensive care departments in the state’s hospitals.

Sarah Kinkade, vice president of the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association, said that hospitals usually received fewer than 9 cases of the corona at a time, but during this period we are seeing a significant increase in reviews.

State officials stressed the importance of wearing masks at all times, and getting the vaccine for eligible children and adults, and stressed the importance of washing hands and returning to social distancing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, whose numbers have returned to increase significantly.

Patricia de Pompey, head of a children’s hospital, revealed that the majority of children who need treatment in hospitals are not vaccinated, noting that the hospital accepts critical cases of children, but it has reached its full capacity during the last period.

She added that some of these children are infants and young adults and that a number of them would leave the emergency room when they saw a large number of people waiting, which means that some of them were denied access to the medical assistance they needed.

The figures show that 2 percent of children who tested positive did not show symptoms, and 9 percent of children who did show symptoms were positive.

Doctor, Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, had said that the best way to protect children from infection with corona is to “receive the vaccine” by adults or even children over 12 years old.

Children’s hospitals have reached their maximum capacity (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP)

In an interview with CNN, he called for the necessity of wearing masks, in order to maintain the retention of children in schools.

A study prepared for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) “CDC” vaccination rates against Corona in America is still low, and the infection rates of children and their need for treatment in the hospital more in the low US vaccination.”

During the last two weeks of August, the visits OF Children in states with lower vaccination rates are 3 times higher than in states with higher rates of COVID-19 vaccinations.

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