HKTB Extends Hong Kong Neighbourhoods to Launch West Kowloon for Promoting Art and Culture Tourism of the Neighbourhood
                            Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
                         ‘Engineers’ are truly the ones who are largely known as the ‘creators’ on our planet, who shape dreams into reality. The evolution of the human race from ancient to today’s modern times took its due course followed by the rapid development on the planet. Engineers have witnessed the evolution of development and its impact. Today on the celebratory occasion of ‘World Engineer’s Day 2021’ is proposed on the theme ‘Engineering for a Healthy Planet’. The goals of the future development are hence, rightly reoriented towards the ‘Green Engineering’ that is built on a sustainable and balanced development model. The future of living is aimed towards achieving sustainable development goals advocating practicality meeting technology and technicality.

 Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, National Vice Chairman, NAREDCO & MD of Hiranandani Group opined that, “Green engineering is the infrastructure of the future, where it is expected to witness new engineering marvels to achieve an enhanced quality of life, better standard of living, and a drive towards excellence. Engineers are perceived as ‘Environmental Stewards’ where they are required to corroborate the strategies that promote self-sufficient townships, app-based controlled technology, energy-saving techniques in future engineering inventions and infrastructure.”
Engineers are today expected to take leadership in the sustainable and biodegradable construction process in curating structures and the composition of a liveable future. The structures and spaces today are far more advanced and modern depicting the very essence of human development, which has progressed and transposed the functionality of development. Today’s world is a living example of creation by engineers, who are rightly sewing the knots of social, environmental, and infrastructure fabric. These places of structures and superstructures are made possible by engineers who are constantly re-inventing and re-engineering to scale to new heights.It is indispensable for engineers to strike a fine balance between safety, strength, and sustainability aspects in any development, as any construction without sustainability and rationality is regressive and remorseful. Engineers steer technology advancement and foster innovation to achieve global par excellence. Engineers must profoundly leverage new technologies to detect the impact & risk backed by research and solutions to make the development viable and suitable.
To rightly say, the pattern of technological development and design is the outcome of a particular lifestyle. As considered in popular culture, engineers are presumed to be calculative, mathematical, and quantitative, but in order to be able to create a world with longevity and sustainability, they are now expected to be more balanced with their curation and design. Value-sensitive configurations by engineers will be able to meet the demand of today’s construction and smart cities challenges. Engineers are now expected to build frameworks of our global society which are along the lines of emotion, eco-friendliness, and economic viability to sustain development and innovation.
Engineers now have the holy culpability to design a world that resonates with nature. The nation-builders of the world, engineers have evolved to now being the pioneers of creating a world that is imperishable, visionary, and sustainable. The new-age engineers of the future will be the leaders in designing resilient and green infrastructure, enduring sustainable developmental growth.

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