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Tuesday, October, 4, 2022

Press Release

Netcore Cloud’s Smartech Automation Adopted by D2C Customized Health InsurTech Company, Vital

~The partnership is aimed towards strengthening the consumer’s communications channel leveraging the power of AI-enabled marketing automation~ 

MUMBAI, India, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Globally recognized martech SaaS company, Netcore Cloud, today announced its onboarding by next-generation D2C personalized health insurance startup, Vital to achieve efficiency and increase the effectiveness of their email & SMS delivery channel. Following this partnership, Netcore Cloud’s platform, Smartech Automation, will grant the company the opportunity to develop a more personalized communication approach backed by data segmentation and reduce potential errors. This, in turn, is expected to elevate user experience contributing to increased consumer onboarding and increased retention.

Today personalization has firmly established itself in every aspect of a consumer’s spending journey, insurance being no exception. Not only can personalized marketing help insurers stay competitive against digital disruptors but also offer an added financial incentive. Vital, which has been innovating in the health insurance space for the last few years, has been founded on the idea of personalization. Towards leveraging this power of personalization in their email and SMS communication channels, Vital has integrated with Netcore Cloud’s AI-enabled marketing platform – Smartech Automation. Backed by superior data-segmentation mechanisms, Netcore Cloud’s Smartech Automation will enable GetVital to develop a single view of its consumer base. This will upgrade the manner by which -Vital can listen, analyze, and converse & improve conversions therefore will serve as a powerful solution for rapid business growth.

Speaking on this collaboration, Jayan Mathews, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Vital said, “At Vital, we have been continually identifying ways to engage with our customer base in a seamless automated fashion. Our product relies on personalisation where benefits such as the health insurance cover, teleconsultation, nutrition counselling and fitness packs are designed specifically based on a customer’s health. Netcore Cloud has been trusted for its martech capabilities for generations. Their product, Smartech Automation has proved to be empowering brands towards developing targeted one-on-one smart conversation across channels. Taking cognizance of this, we have onboarded Netcore Cloud for our email, SMS & Whatsapp channel. We are certain that backed by Netcore Cloud, we will be successful in delivering more intelligent consumer experiences in the days to come.”

Kalpit Jain, Group CEO at Netcore Cloud, said, “Personalization or reaching customers with targeted messaging, offers, and pricing at the right time defines the future of insurance marketing. While in the past, brands were limited to mass-marketing, today the wealth of consumer data supported by analytical tools and martech have paved the way for a more personalized approach resulting in improved customer experience. We are very thankful to GetVital for trusting Netcore Cloud to enable automation in their email & SMS channel. We are confident that with our best-in-class technology backed by two decades of experience, we will be successful in enabling GetVital to increase the effectiveness as well as efficiency of their consumer communication.”

Apart from the user-experience enhancement with error-proof, lightning speed, and customized email delivery, using Smartech Automation solutions, Vital will also save hundreds of man-days of developer effort thereby reducing costs drastically.

About Netcore Cloud:                                        

Netcore Cloud is a globally recognized marketing technology SaaS company offering a full-stack of martech solutions that help product and growth marketers deliver AI-powered intelligent customer experiences across all touchpoints of the user’s journey. Building a unified view of customers, orchestrating omni-channel communication journeys, personalizing the apps and websites, optimizing user experience, real-time reporting and providing actionable analytics, Netcore Cloud represents an all-in-one solution for a marketer.  

Making successful strides for 20+ years, Netcore Cloud today serves over 5000 clients spread across 18 countries including India, USA, Germany, Nigeria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and UAE, delivering 12+ billion emails, and tracking 100+ billion marketing events every month for the world’s top marketers. Some of the leading brands that trust Netcore Cloud to power their customer acquisition, engagement, and retention goals include MaxLife Insurance, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered, Flipkart, Myntra, Miss Amara, Airtel, Disney Hotstar, Canon, Puma, Tobi, Easemytrip, PizzaHut, and McDonalds. 

Backed by products designed to scale and with a focus on ROI, today Netcore Cloud stands tall as a leader in martech solutions in Asia and is exponentially growing in US, EU, and South America.


Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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