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Monday, July, 4, 2022

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To Get Ahead in the New Normal, Businesses Need to Step up Their Digital Presence

                            Guwahati, Assam, India:
                         The past two years of enduring a pandemic has taken a toll on businesses all over. The plight of lockdowns made consumers shift to online mode for pretty much every need. In India, the situation turned bleak for many traditional businesses whose entire revenue model revolved around physical infrastructure. To keep services moving, we saw grocery stores turning to WhatsApp for taking orders; schools & colleges adopting online education and healthcare facilities rolling out online consultation services.But not all businesses are making their way into the new wave of digital transformation. Especially when the industrial giants are spending more on online platforms to ensure that they remain at the top of customer preferences. This is where several businesses are struggling to make a dent in the digital platform, irrespective of their credible offline footprint. 

One of the effective ways out of this pickle is for businesses to adopt a reliable digital marketing strategy with a strong content & analytics team. ‘Many businesses fail to realise that with the right kind of investment in digital marketing, they can reach out to 10X more customers in just six months’ span of time’, says Kamal Singha – Founder of Zakti Digital Services, a concept-driven digital marketing firm of Northeast India.

For any brand, whether it’s a startup business or an established firm with very little online presence, the starting point to their digital success is setting clear and realistic goals bound by a timeline. Based on past client experiences, Kamal urges businesses to answer these three questions to define their digital marketing strategy –

Where do you currently stand in the market in terms of visibility, popularity and credibility?
What are you aiming to achieve in the next six months?
How is your product solving customer problems?


With a realistic and open approach, a brand can effectively carve their own digital marketing plan based on these answers. Looking back at Zakti Digital’s past years in the industry, Kamal acknowledges his team has witnessed a massive shift in online demand, where digital ad campaigns today act as a catalyst to sales revenue.
From starting up in Bangalore as Zakti Media Services in the year 2012, to transitioning to Zakti Digital Services shortly after shifting to Guwahati in 2014, the agency has come a long way. Today, the company works with clients who want digital marketing as well as strategic consulting services for their needs. As a premier digital agency in Assam with both domestic & overseas clients, Zakti provides well researched, measurable, value-added services to build an entire digital media repertoire.

Some of Zakti Digital’s notable contributions over the years in digital include –

Assisting regional media house, Pratidin Group and its network of connected businesses to improve their business model using digital processes.
Serving as a trusted Outreach Partner for the National Register of Citizens (NRC).
Training the Digital Team at Assam Police as part of its digital transformation drive, leading to a successful transformation.
Assisting United Nations’ UNICEF since the past four years, contributing immensely to its digital space adhering to Assam.
Working closing with MyGov Arunachal Pradesh since 2019, leading to a transformational digital change through a partnership buildup between the citizens and the Govt.
Worked as an ally to the State Election Office, Assam to deliver impactful digital outreach campaigns.

Back to the current scenario in a post-pandemic era, Kamal is planning to reach out to businesses which need a head start in setting up their digital presence on their own.


“For brands who wish to do their own digital marketing, we can help them with a detailed analysis of their existing presence and a DIY marketing plan for a minimal fee,” adds Kamal.

Apart from personalized consultation services, the agency continues to offer bespoke services in the form of organic social media content, result-driven paid campaigns, email marketing, IT & Big Data solutions, Website & App development and more to their clients.

The website lets potential clients learn more about their services in detail and connect with them from thereon. The agency wishes to see more businesses correctly leveraging the digital domain for reaching out to their clients. On that note, Zakti remains open to any business which wants to improve its presence in digital domain. 

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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