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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Press Release

Aventose Targets to Sell 1.5 Million Electric Two-Wheelers per Year by 2026

                            Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:
                         <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Aventose Energy</a> is launching its maiden electric two-wheeler, the S110 crafted for all seasons and reasons, on October 10ththis year and will open for pre-booking on the same day. The e-scooter is designed for mass adoption and targeted to sell 1.5 million per year by 2026.The largest two-wheeler market in the world, India, is going to undergo a complete transformation in the next few years as electric two-wheelers are expected to take over an estimated 40 percent of the market share by 2030, according to a report by McKinsey and company. This is a major jump from today, when only 1,50,000 e-two-wheelers are sold each year, just about 1 percent of the total market share.

In this space, Aventose energy ( will launch its much-awaited maiden model, S110 on 10th October 2021 and will open for pre-booking on the same day. S110, designed based on detailed voice of customer, solves the major pain points of 2-wheeler owners, leading to a unique styling, which distinguishes it from existing two-wheelers in the market, electric and petrol. Through its portfolio of EVs, Aventose envisions to exponentially boost EV adoption, from demand generation to supply fulfilment and overall customer satisfaction.

Aventose S110 will come with portable battery which can be easily removed and charged at any regular power socket present everywhere. S110 has a wheel torque of 140 Nm, max speed of 60 kmph, target true eco range of 100 kms per charge and comes with a mid-mounted PMSM motor, 17-inch alloy wheels, 3 years warranty, and price tag of Rs 85,000 onwards. Aventose is in talks with major insurance and financing companies in India to provide one-stop solution to customers. No wonder then that the company is targeting an aggressive target of 1.5 million vehicles by 2026. Here are some of the things that will make it happen.

1. Versatile design, crafted for all seasons and reasons
Aventose S110 is designed to be rugged, safe, unisex and multiage scooter for city and rural markets. Catering to the versatile needs of Indian families and individual business owners alike lend S110 all the ingredients to become the country’s favorite two-wheeler.
 2. Portfolio targets 90% of 2-wheeler segment
Aventose product portfolio kicks off with S110 e-scooter, followed by a higher performance S125 e-scooter and a M125 motorcycle. These products provide comfort, performance, and durability similar to 100cc – 125cc petrol vehicles which form approximately 90% of India two-wheeler market.
 3. Independent of charging and swapping infrastructure
S110 will come with portable battery which can be conveniently removed and charged at any regular power socket. Vehicle can also be charged directly with a power outlet on the ground floor. This offers the flexibility to charge the scooter at home, apartments, offices, hotels, tea shop restaurants, etc. enabling faster adoption of the scooter across India without depending on the implementation of charging and swapping infrastructure. This will allow Aventose electric vehicles to spread across India rapidly and most importantly to tier 2/3 cities and rural India. Future charging and swapping infrastructure will only help further expansion.

  1. Scalable manufacturing setup
    The core team at Aventose comes with years of experience in manufacturing and know exactly what it takes to convert a ‘prototype’ into millions of high-quality two-wheelers. And it is exactly this experience that will offer Aventose an edge over several competitors who are also entering the e-vehicle space. They have designed a modular assembly and quality line which allows easy scalability and replicability as business volumes grow, without having to create an expensive set-up right at the start when volumes have not yet peaked.

  2. Dealership & service network
    After launching of initial self-owned company experience centers in four cities Aventose will open up for dealerships in urban and rural cities across India. Vast automotive and manufacturing experience has gone into making the products suitable for manufacturability, serviceability, and durability. Overall vehicle architecture, with made-in-India components, allows simpler, cost-effective maintenance and component replacement across India. This will allow dealerships and service networks to expand and sustain with ease.

6. Long term visionAventose Energy has carefully drafted out a 10-year roadmap on both the product and technology front as the start-up envisages a long-term innings in the country’s electric vehicle space. The plan is to start with scooters, motorcycles, three-wheelers and grow to other clean tech products beyond the realm of the e-vehicle industry. They plan to aggressively promote their products across the country with a process-oriented approach, razor-sharp focus, and effective use of resources.

The S110 comes with multitude of benefits and is available at an affordable Rs 85,000 onwards price. So, block your calendar for 10th October launch to prebook this futuristic machine and ride away in style.

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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