President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Arsene Tatar:

We will affirm in New York the principle of a two-state solution based on sovereign equality

–  I will meet with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and leaders of states and governments in Cyprus, to explain our position on the Cyprus issue

–  We are in the process of a national struggle, and it is unlikely that there will be a change in the situation.

The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Arsene Tatar, affirmed that his country remains firm on the principle it called for at the informal Cyprus conference in Geneva last April, which calls for a two-state solution.

This came in an interview with Anadolu Agency, prior to his visit to New York City for talks on Cyprus on September 18.

Tatar said that he will head to New York at the head of a delegation that includes Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğrul Oglu and officials from the Presidency of the Republic.

He added that they will affirm in New York the principle of “the two-state solution based on equal sovereignty”, which the Turkish Cypriot has officially advocated for nearly a year.

And he added, “There is no change in our position, which we expressed in Geneva (the informal Cyprus conference), which is based on the two-state solution, and this is what we will reaffirm in New York.”

The meetings of the “5+1” group, which consists of the three guarantor countries (Greece, Turkey and Britain) and the two parts of the island of Cyprus (Turkish and Rome), were held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 27-29 last April, in addition to the United Nations.

Tatars made it clear that they insist on the proposal they presented during the Geneva Conference regarding Cyprus, especially with regard to equality of sovereignty and equal international status between the two parts of the island of Cyprus.

He added, “We are in the process of a national struggle, and it is unlikely that there will be a change in the situation.”

“Turkey and the future of the Turkish Cypriots are behind this issue,” Tatar pointed out.

He continued, “The time has come for the establishment of a Turkish Cypriot state in the northern part of the island of Cyprus. This is a condition and an imperative.”

He pointed out that there are two independent states and two peoples in Cyprus, noting that the discussions and negotiations that have been going on for many years on the federal solution “did not bring any result.”

Tatar made it clear that a solution can no longer be reached in Cyprus, except with cooperation between two independent and equal sovereign states.

He stated that they would no longer allow the continuation of majority rule over the minority in the island of Cyprus.

He stressed that they did not evade dialogue at any time, indicating that they demand recognition of the sovereignty of Turkish Cyprus and its equality in international rights with its southern neighbor, as a condition for starting the transition from informal to official talks on the Cyprus crisis.

In another context, Arsene Tatar stressed the Turkish role and support for his country in various circumstances and stages, indicating that Turkey sent its sons to defend Turkish Cyprus, who in turn were martyred there in defense of the Turkish Cypriot cause (in 1974).

With regard to the United Nations meetings in New York, the Turkish President of Northern Cyprus said that he will meet with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and leaders of various countries and governments, and that he will explain to them his country’s position on the Cyprus issue.

Cyprus has been suffering since 1974, a division between two parts, Turkey in the north and Rome in the south, and in 2004, the Greek Cypriots rejected a plan presented by the United Nations to unite the two parts of the island.

Since the collapse of the UN-sponsored Cyprus reunification talks in Switzerland in July 2017, no formal UN-brokered negotiations have taken place to settle the dispute on the island.

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