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On Thursday, Egypt and Libya signed 14 memoranda of cooperation in various economic fields, in addition to 6 contracts for the implementation of Libyan projects.

This came at the conclusion of a meeting held by the Joint Higher Committee in Cairo, chaired by Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and his Libyan counterpart Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, according to a statement by Egyptian government spokesman Nader Saeed.

Saeed said that one of the memoranda stipulates the establishment of a joint commercial committee, in addition to memoranda of cooperation in the industrial, agricultural, agricultural quarantine, social affairs and aviation security fields.

The memoranda of cooperation also include marine pollution control, marine search and rescue, housing and construction, youth and sports, and oil and gas.

Saeed said that 6 contracts were signed with Egyptian companies to implement projects in Libya, most notably the third ring road project in Tripoli, the construction of two gas stations in Melita (northwest) and Derna (northeast), and the maintenance of the Ajdabiya-Jalo road in the Wahat region in the east of the country. .

Madbouly stressed, according to the statement, during the meeting the Egyptian political leadership’s support for all efforts aimed at unifying Libyan institutions and completing the road map, and Egypt’s support for the Libyan unity government.

The statement said that Madbouly “looks forward to translating the cooperation agreements signed today into tangible reality and projects being implemented on the ground.”

The statement quoted Libyan Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba as saying that “work will be done during the coming period to facilitate everything that would enhance the movement of trade and manpower, and to take the necessary steps to open the crossings, increase the rates of flights and operate ships” between the two countries.

Dabaiba expressed his confidence in the ability of Egyptian companies to implement the contracted projects, stressing that the Central Bank of Libya will be responsible for facilitating the financing of these projects, according to the Egyptian statement.

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