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The Turkish telecommunications company Turksat, and the American space technology “SpaceX” (in particular), concluded a cooperation agreement to launch Turkey’s first national communications satellite into space.

The Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adel Kara Ismailoglu, said in a statement on Friday that the production and testing of the Turksat 6A national communications satellite is scheduled to be completed in late 2022, and to be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

He explained that the assembly, integration and tests of the satellite are being carried out at the Space Systems Integration and Testing Center.

Kara Ismailoglu indicated that the project’s engineering model integration activities have been completed and the testing phase has begun.

He pointed out that the project will enable Turkey to be among the ten countries capable of producing communications satellites.

He added that Turksat is responsible for providing launch services for the satellite.

He indicated that the solutions and proposals of many launch companies have been carefully studied to provide services for launching the moon on time.

He said that as a result of evaluations and negotiations, the “Falcon-9” missile of the American company “SpaceX” was selected, which offers the best solution in terms of technical, administrative and financial aspects.

In this context, he confirmed, “Torksat” company signed with “SpaceX” a contract for the launch of the satellite “Torksat 6A”.

He pointed out that the agreement is the first contract signed by “Turksat” directly with a satellite launch company, instead of contracting with the satellite manufacturer in order to obtain the satellite launch service “Turksat 6A”.

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