Hamas warns of the danger of the

On Saturday, Hamas warned of the danger of the normalization of “Abraham agreements” with Israel and its repercussions on the Palestinian cause, on its first anniversary.

This came in a statement by the movement on the occasion of the first anniversary of the signing of the UAE and Bahrain, on September 15, 2020, two agreements to normalize relations with Israel, before they were joined in the same year by Morocco and Sudan, known as the Abraham Accords.

Hamas said: “We warn of the danger of these agreements and their repercussions on the Palestinian cause, the Arab and Islamic region and its national security, and about attempts to accelerate the pace of normalization” with Israel.


The movement called on “all those who identified with these ominous agreements to expedite correcting this wrong political path, and to be in harmony with the aspirations of all the peoples of the region who reject all paths and forms of the so-called coexistence and normalization” with Israel.

And she stressed the need to “retract these shameful agreements, and completely disavow them and any form of normalization.”

It called on the Arab and Islamic peoples to “restore their national role in defending Palestine and its position as a central issue for the nation.”

The movement said: “The so-called Abraham agreements are a Zionist-American project par excellence, aiming at openness and regional normalization with the Zionist entity, integrating it in the region, and establishing alliances with it.”

And she warned that “the agreements aim to replace the priorities of the conflict, instead of being with the Zionist occupation occupying Palestine and the greatest danger to the region, with an internal regional conflict that exhausts the forces of the nation and the factors of its steadfastness, and isolates Palestine and the Palestinian resistance forces.”

She pointed out that “the Zionist entity took advantage of these ominous agreements to infringe upon our Palestinian people by escalating the frequency of violations of the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian territories.”

It called for “the adoption of a strong and effective national Palestinian regional strategy to confront all projects that aim to liquidate the Palestinian cause.”​


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