Corona attacks 6 lions and 3 tigers in Washington
Tiger infected with Coronavirus in Washington Zoo (Photo AFP)

The National Zoo in the American capital, Washington, announced, on Friday, that 6 lions and 3 tigers were infected with the Coronavirus, and said that they were receiving treatment after their health deteriorated.

And the zoo said in a statement, “The animal breeder noticed at the end of last week that 6 African lions, a Sumatran tiger, and two Siberian tigers had anorexia, coughing, sneezing and lethargy and all of them tested positive for corona in the initial tests.”

The statement stated that the results of the tests to confirm the diagnosis are expected within a few days, according to the American “Yahoo News” website.

He added, “Sick animals are treated with anti-inflammatories and nausea medications, as well as antibiotics to prevent them from contracting pneumonia.”

The statement also stressed that zoo visitors “are not in danger, due to the distance between them and the animals, and no signs of infection have appeared on any other animals.”

The injuries come at a time when many zoos in the United States, including the Washington Zoo, announced, on Tuesday, the launch of a vaccination campaign for animals susceptible to infection with corona.

And last week, several gorillas were infected with the Coronavirus, at the Atlanta Zoo, Georgia.

In order to protect the animals at the Washington Zoo from infection with corona, they will be injected with a vaccine developed by the veterinary pharmaceutical company “Zoetis”, a pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines and medicines for pets and livestock.

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