Epically Ramayana (Hindi), Epically Mahabharata and Epically Vahana Launched, with Art and Story by Devdutt Pattanaik

Positively Perfect, a leading corporate gifting brand, in association with Epically has finally launched their new memory games Epically Ramayana (Hindi), Epically Mahabharat and Epically Vahana as an extension of their Best Selling Epically Ramayana (English Version), The Great Indian Memory Game that was launched last year.


Epically Ramayana, Epically Mahabharata and Epically Vahana


These games are launched in collaboration with India’s well-known mythologist, Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik, who has written 50+ books on Indian Mythology explaining its relevance in present day context.


Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik, Author and Indian mythologist


With this game, Epically emphasizes on the need for indulging the children in interactive games and minimizing their screen time. Along with fun learning, the game will also familiarize the young minds with Indian mythology and characters, invoking a sense of cultural awareness. These games will help in improving kids’ memory and focus while simultaneously helping them understand the heritage and mythology of our country in a fun and interactive manner.


All games are board and memory games that can be played together as a family for a great fun time in the physical space. Additionally, these games are based on our Indian culture and values, which makes them unique.


Epically Ramayana is created for children above 6 years of age and is packed in a sturdy and compact box, perfect to carry for travel and vacation and comes with a “love it or return it” guarantee. Epically Ramayana will help in improving kids’ memory and focus while simultaneously tapping into the heritage and mythology of the country.


Epically Mahabharata and Epically Vahana are also very unique in nature and will help the kids become more inquisitive and aware about our mythology besides having loads of fun with them. While Epically Vahana is a fun way to introduce the mythological animal kingdom to our children; Epically Mahabharata will take them through one of the most dynamic and complex mythological tales and its stories in the most fun way.


The brand curates its products with love and affection and puts an extra effort to make it intriguing for its customers, however, if the patrons feel otherwise – Positively Perfect offers a zero-question asked return policy, reflecting its dedication towards its users and trust in its products.


Commenting on the launch of the games, Ms. Nidhi Jain Seth, Founder Positively Perfect said, “We are proud to finally present our board and memory games that will act as foundation developing games for children as they help increase focus, concentration and their ability of critical thinking. Furthermore, children will be enlightened about our rich mythological culture”


Sharing his thoughts, Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik said, “It’s great to be associated with a brand like Positively Perfect and to be a part of something which has been very close to my heart all my life. These games are a fun way to stimulate your child’s curiosity around Indian Mythology.


About Positively Perfect

Positively Perfect is a unique gifting online store, which through power of words motivates people, brings about a change in destinies, gives them courage, makes them feel more loved, or make them accomplish the impossible. Positively Perfect through these words aims to remind one of what they yearn to be reminded of and most importantly, these words connect to the soul and inspire one to be the best version of themselves. The brand was established with a goal to encourage people and make them the best version of themselves through emotional moments which makes them more memorable. Serving people with an extensive range of products meant to stir a vibe.

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