Biden will say at the UN that he does not believe in a new Cold War

Biden wants to make it known to the international community that he has "closed the chapter on war"

U.S. President Joe Biden, who is due to speak before the UN General Assembly tomorrow, will say he “does not believe in the notion of a new Cold War,” an unnamed U.S. official said.

“Biden will make it known tomorrow that he does not believe in the notion of a new Cold War with a world divided into blocs,” an unnamed official said in the context of the rivalry between Washington and Beijing.


The US president “believes in strong, intense and principled competition,” the same sources added.

Biden, who caused outrage over the management of the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan and caused a diplomatic crisis with France due to a large arms agreement, is going to New York with a speech about the gathering, the official stated.

According to him, Biden wants to let the international community know that he has “closed the chapter on war” and to open a chapter dedicated to efficient and determined American diplomacy that will cooperate with allies and partners in solving problems.

The official confirmed that Biden initiated a conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and that the American president “can hardly wait for that telephone conversation”.

French authorities accused the United States of concluding a strategic partnership with Great Britain and Australia without prior consultation, which led to the termination of a valuable contract on the Australian order of French submarines.