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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

Press Release

Indian crypto exchange, Panthira holds a ‘Crypto World Championship’ competition

BANGALORE, India, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently launched, Panthira is overwhelmed with the response received; and to celebrate their grand launch, Panthira is holding a ‘Crypto World Championship’ with super exciting prizes & rewards to its users and winner coin.

The ‘Panthira crypto world championship’, hosted by Panthira is a competition that identifies changes in crypto investment trends around the world by season while determining the best coin. This is held bi-annually, mostly during autumn & spring.

To participate & find out more about the championship, visit Panthira Exchange official twitter handle and cheer for the coin you support. The championship is already live and will go on for a month. The winner coin will also be listed on their exchange so that users can trade with it.

About Panthira Exchange:

Panthira Exchange adopts a variety of advanced technologies, including GSLB, distributed server clusters, hard wallets, and wireless private key hot wallets, providing a secure, reliable, and comfortable environment for digital asset trading through Web interfaces and mobile apps.

To find out more about Panthira you can visit their website here :

Contact: Shreya Kandoi  +91- 9748796330, InfluGlue


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