Arancha González Laya -Spain .. summons the former foreign minister for investigation
Former Foreign Minister of Spain Arancha González Laya (Anadolu Photo)

A Spanish court has summoned former Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya, against the background of Madrid hosting “Polisario” leader Ibrahim Ghali with a “false identity”, according to Spanish and Moroccan media.

Media reports, including the Spanish newspaper ABC, said on Tuesday that “the investigative judge of the Zaragoza Court, Rafael Lasala, has officially summoned Arancha González Laya because of Ibrahim Ghali’s entry to Spain (late April) under a false identity.”

The relationship between Morocco and Spain witnessed a crisis against the background of Madrid hosting between April 21 and early June last, Ghali with a “false identity” on the pretext of receiving treatment from Corona, which angered Rabat, which accuses him of committing “war crimes”.


The crisis was further deepened by the influx of about 8,000 irregular migrants in mid-May, including minors, from Morocco to Ceuta (under the administration of Spain), which Spanish and European officials considered an attempt by Rabat to put pressure on Madrid, after its “expensive” reception.

Last July, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez appointed Jose Manuel as Minister of Foreign Affairs to replace Laya; To improve relations with Morocco, according to the two countries’ media.

On August 20, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI said in a televised speech that his country is looking forward to inaugurating a “new and unprecedented” stage in relations with Spain.

He added, “It is true that these relations have recently gone through an unprecedented crisis that has strongly shaken mutual trust and raised many questions about their fate. However, we worked with the Spanish side in full calm, clarity, and responsibility.”

On July 31, Spain’s King Felipe VI emphasized in a congratulatory telegram he sent to the Moroccan monarch to congratulate him on the throne on the “deep friendship” between his country and Morocco.

Rabat proposes expanded autonomy in the Sahara region under its sovereignty, while the “Polisario” calls for a referendum for self-determination, a proposal supported by Algeria, which hosts refugees from the region.


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