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Wednesday, September, 28, 2022

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China Matters explores the Fairytale City of Yantai

BEIJING, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In China’s eastern province of Shandong, Yantai is considered a paradise, a “heaven under the heavens” brought to life by clouds, sea and fairy tales. China Matters explores the eco-friendly, beautiful and mysterious sides of the city in a short film.
Yantai is rich in history, culture and traditions woven with Western influences dating back centuries.

The name of the city, Yantai, literally meaning “Beacon Tower”, refers to a beacon overlooking Yantai Mountain area. In the 15th century, it stood strong as a coastal defense system against foreign pirates.

But centuries later, in 1860, Yantai was occupied by an Anglo-French force and was opened to international commerce as a treaty port in 1861.

The British host Josh Arslan from China Matters visits Yantai to see how Western influences have shaped its history from exploring its impact and legacy it has left behind.

Besides history, Josh also visits the local Changdao county made up of 151 islands inhabited by more than 40,000 people as he roams the local sea to try local delicacies like oysters. From there, he steps foot on the grounds of the famous Penglai Pavilion renowned for temples and fairy tales.

Josh explores all different aspects of life in Yantai from history, culture and traditions to see how it all creates an auspicious life that locals strive for.

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