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Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman and US Special Envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking discussed on Wednesday the latest developments in the Yemeni crisis and UN efforts to reach a political solution that would achieve stability in that country.

This came in a meeting in the capital, Riyadh, that brought together Saudi and American officials, according to a tweet published by bin Salman on Twitter.

Bin Salman said: “I met the US special envoy to Yemen, Mr. Tim Lenderking, and we discussed the latest developments in Yemen.”

He added that “the joint efforts exerted to support the Saudi initiative and the efforts of the United Nations to reach a political solution that achieves security and stability for Yemen and its dear people and preserves the security of the region were also discussed,” without further details.

For days, the US envoy has been in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, as part of his moves to hold meetings aimed at reaching a political agreement between the parties to the Yemeni conflict.

Recently, diplomatic efforts led by the United Nations have intensified alongside the United States of America and other countries, as part of efforts to resolve the Yemen crisis peacefully.

Yemen has been witnessing a war for nearly 7 years, which has claimed more than 233,000 lives, and 80 percent of the population, numbering about 30 million, has become dependent on support and aid, in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the United Nations.

The conflict has had regional spillovers, since March 2015, as a coalition led by the neighboring Saudi Arabia has carried out military operations in support of the government forces, in the face of the Iranian-backed Houthis, who control several governorates, including the capital, Sanaa.

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