Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on Wednesday that “the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without an American-Russian dialogue,” calling for the importance of a “collective” Arab role for a solution in his country’s northern neighbor.

Al-Safadi’s speech came in an interview with the Jordanian minister with the “Al-Sharq” news channel, according to what The Eastern Herald monitored.

Regarding Syria, Safadi continued, “The Syrian crisis is a catastrophe that must end, and the solution in Syria is political that preserves its unity.”

“Jordan is paying part of the continuation of the Syrian crisis,” he added.

He added, “Syria is a brotherly country and coordination with it must be coordinated. The visit of the Syrian Defense Minister to Jordan (last Sunday) aimed at security coordination.”

“We coordinate with Syria in several productive sectors, and the relationship with Syria is based on indispensable and necessary cooperation,” he noted.

Safadi considered that “Russia has a major role in any effort to resolve the Syrian crisis, and an important role in stabilizing southern Syria,” stressing that “the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without an American-Russian dialogue, and there must be a collective Arab role for the solution in Syria.”

With regard to the Palestinian issue, Safadi stressed, “The two-state solution is the only way to solve the Palestinian issue. Measures to undermine the two-state solution threaten the future of the solution, and we are talking with the Israeli government to pressure toward a solution.”

The Jordanian minister continued, “We have seen an important change in the American position on Palestine, and we are working with the Americans and the rest of the partners to find a political horizon on Palestine. We are coordinating comprehensively and we need a major role for Washington, and we seek to invest in the positive American position.”

As for Iraq, Safadi stated that the relationship with him is “continuously developing,” noting that many investment projects are awaiting with Baghdad and Cairo, and that their partnership with these countries “welcomes any Arab country.”

At the regional level, the minister said: “We want healthy and stable regional relations, and we support the existence of channels for dialogue with Iran in order to achieve stability.”

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