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Wednesday, September, 28, 2022

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Xinhua Silk Road: Quanzhou of E. China’s Fujian sends letter from home to overseas Quanzhou people at Mid-Autumn Festival

BEIJING, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Quanzhou, a port city located in east China’s Fujian Province and known as hometown for overseas Chinese, sent a public letter from home to overseas Quanzhou people to comfort their homesickness at the Mid-Autumn Festival on Tuesday.

The city chose the timing to take the move as the festival, also called Moon Festival, is the second most important festival for a family reunion after the Spring Festival in China.

With nearly three fourths of the 2021 already passing, Quanzhou celebrated with Quanzhou people at home and abroad the Mid-Autumn Festival with both eye-catching achievements and touching experience.

In late July, “Quanzhou: Emporium of the World in Song-Yuan China” was accepted as a cultural property on UNESCO’s World Heritage List amid the ongoing 44th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Fuzhou, capital of Fujian.

Believing in “where there is seawater, there are Quanzhou people”, the city has always been a model for hard working to win for a better future. 

In 2020, Quanzhou saw for the first time its gross regional product exceed one trillion yuan, which rose 2.9 percent year on year despite the COVID-19 epidemic.

Now, the city is working hard to build a better Quanzhou with blueprints for development already in shape in the new era.

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