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Below you will find the news follow-ups, reports and “New Media” for the agenda of the Arab Newsletter for Saturday, September 25, 2021.

** Follow-up news:

  • International

  • Proceedings of the sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations and speeches of heads of state and leaders of the world.

International efforts to provide vaccines and vaccination campaigns against Corona, with global infections exceeding 231 million and 745 thousand, including more than 4 million and 748 thousand deaths.

  • Palestine

  • Beginning to remove the “Jawhara” tower in Gaza, after it was destroyed by Israel in the last aggression on the Strip, last May.

  • Morocco

  • Consultations continue to form the government assigned to Aziz Akhannouch, head of the “National Rally of Independents” party.

  • To whom

  • Updates of the military escalation, the day after the Arab coalition announced the interception and destruction of a booby-trapped drone launched by the Houthis towards Saudi Arabia.

  • Updates of international and international moves and positions aimed at stopping the war, a day after talks between Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak and US Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking.

  • Tunisia

A demonstration organized by supporters of President Kais Saied in the capital, Tunis, in support of his decisions.

Abolition of the partial curfew imposed in the country as part of measures to combat the Corona virus.

  • Libya

  • The repercussions of the Parliament’s announcement by a majority to withdraw confidence from the unity government continue, in the wake of demonstrations supporting the latter and calling for the downfall of Parliament.

  • Iraq

Turkish Trade Minister Mehmet Muş begins an official visit to the country, lasting two days, in the second visit in two months.

  • Developments of military operations to pursue the remnants of the terrorist organization “ISIS” throughout the country.

  • Jordan

The activities of the third day of the 20th Amman International Book Fair, which will run until 2 October.

  • Algeria

  • President Abdelmadjid Tebboune meets with the government and governors, in the presence of parliamentarians, to discuss development problems across governorates.

  • Sudan

Security and political developments, against the backdrop of criticism by the Sovereignty Council, of political forces as the cause of the coups, which the latter described as a “threat to the transition path.”

  • Updates of the situation in eastern Sudan, the day after the closure of Port Sudan and Kassala airports, and ports on the Red Sea, as part of protests for the eighth day, in refusal to marginalize the eastern regions of the country.

** sports

  • Turkish League

  • Adana Demirspor / Gaziantep

  • Premier League

Chelsea / Manchester City

Brentford / Liverpool

  • La Liga

  • Alaves / Atletico Madrid

  • Real Madrid / Villarreal

  • The Italian League

Spezia / Milan

  • Inter Milan / Atlanta

  • Bundesliga

Borussia Monchengladbach / Borussia Dortmund

  • French league

Paris Saint-Germain / Montpellier

** Special Reports

  • Turkey

1- In 2022..Turkey will start production of vertical take-off marches (report)


A report on the intention of the Turkish company “Baykar” to start the production of vertical take-off drones in 2022. (Tolca Yanik / photos and video)

About 430 words

2- Influenced by Maulana Al-Rumi… an American priest who converted to Islam and settled in Turkey (report)


A report sheds light on the American Catholic priest Craig Victor Winter, after he converted to Islam influenced by Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, before settling in the Turkish city of Konya. (Serhad Çetinkaya / photos and video)

About 830 words

  • Middle East and North Africa

3-Despite successive crises, the largest governorates of Lebanon are struggling for steadfastness (interview)​


An interview that sheds light on the reality of Mount Lebanon Governorate, in light of the economic crisis afflicting the country, and ways to advance its public utilities. (Wassim Seif El-Din/photos and video)

about 700 words

4- Fears of landslides in Gaza due to the delay in infrastructure reconstruction (interview)


An interview with Anadolu Agency with Yahya Al-Sarraj, head of the Federation of Municipalities of the Gaza Strip, in which he warned of the occurrence of landslides in the winter, as a result of the delay in the reconstruction of the infrastructure targeted by Israel, during the recent aggression. (Noor Abu Eisha/photos and video)

about 900 words

  • Africa

5- Tanzania.. Misuse of antibiotics increases resistance to dangerous bacteria (report)

Dar AISalaam

Report examining the misuse of over-the-counter antibiotics in Tanzania and their risks to human health. Follow Favorite

about 650 words

**Newsmedia Agenda


  • In 2022, Turkey will start production of vertical take-off marches.

  • Influenced by Mawlana Al-Rumi, a Catholic priest who converted to Islam and settled in Turkey.

Despite successive crises, the largest governorates of Lebanon are struggling for steadfastness.

  • Fears of landslides in Gaza due to the delay in the reconstruction of infrastructure.


The “submarine deal” with Australia redefines the balance of power in the Pacific.

  • 5 gas pipelines crossing Algeria towards Europe.
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