Three migrants telling their story (Anadolu Photo/File Photo)

An irregular Cameroonian immigrant said that the Greek coast guard left them in the middle of the Aegean Sea, and that he managed to swim and reach land, while two of his companions drowned.

According to sources in the Turkish Coast Guard, units of the gendarmerie command of the state of Aydin, in the west of the country, spotted a Cameroonian in the Kozal-Chamli area in the state’s Kush Adasi district on September 18.

Testimonies of the Cameroonian immigrant revealed that on September 14, he, with a group of 36 people, boarded an inflatable boat and crossed towards the island of Sesam (Samos).


He pointed out that the Greek police arrested 28 of them, while 8 escaped, adding, “But the Greek security forces arrested me with two people.”

Al-Muhajir spoke about the period of his arrest, saying: “When they saw us, they started shooting at our right and left, beating us and then searching us, taking our money and our phones, and threatening to kill us if we tried to raise our heads when they put us in their cars.”

And he added: “They took us to their ships like animals, and they beat us there too. Then the ship sailed, and they threw my brother Ali into the sea, then they threw Yusef, but I resisted, so they hit me on the head, but finally they succeeded in throwing me after I exhausted my resistance to resistance.”

He pointed out that he gathered his strength and started swimming and reached land with the help of waves, indicating that he saw Yusef’s body in the sea and took it out of the water and tried to revive him, but to no avail.

He explained that he did not know where he was and slept in the forest, and a day later he started walking along the coastal strip, and noticed a house in one of the hills before discovering that it was an old police station, noting that he continued his path until the Turkish gendarmerie forces found him and rescued him.

The Turkish forces found the body of an irregular immigrant off the coast of the “Kozal-Chamli” region on September 18.

On September 20, the Turkish Coast Guard found the body of an irregular immigrant on the small islands between Kozal Çamlı and Bayrak.

After examining the two bodies by the rescued immigrant, it was found that they belonged to Ali and Youssef, who were with him while they were being thrown into the sea by the Greek Coast Guard.

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