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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday called on United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to hold a global dialogue aimed at countering Islamophobia (growing hostility to Islam), accusing the Indian regime of doing so.

This came in his video address to world leaders and heads of state participating in the 76th meetings of the United Nations General Assembly currently being held in New York.

Khan said, “Islamophobia is a pernicious phenomenon that we all need to deal with collectively, and I urge the Secretary-General of the United Nations to convene a global dialogue with the aim of addressing the growing hostility to Islam and promoting interfaith dialogue.”

He added, “India is now ruled by the worst and most widespread form of Islamophobia… Its fascist regime has unleashed panic and violence against the Muslim community in India, where mobs of cow guards are committing repeated massacres of Muslims.”

He continued, “New Delhi has also embarked on what it calls the final solution, with regard to occupied Jammu and Kashmir, where it has taken a series of unilateral legal measures since August 5, 2019 (..) and imprisoned Kashmiri leaders, and violently suppressed peaceful protests.”

The Pakistani Prime Minister stressed that these actions “violate UN Security Council resolutions which clearly state that the final disposition of the disputed territories must be decided by its people, through a free and fair plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.”

Imran Khan explained that “Pakistan desires peace with India, as it does with all its neighbours, but sustainable peace in South Asia hinges on resolving the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions.”

The name “Jammu and Kashmir” is given to the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir, and it includes groups that have been fighting since 1989, against what it considers an “Indian occupation” of its regions.

The region’s residents have been demanding independence from India and accession to Pakistan, since the two countries gained independence from Britain in 1947, and Islamabad and New Delhi divided the Muslim-majority region.

On August 5, 2019, the Indian government repealed Article 370 of the constitution, which guarantees self-government in Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir and then divides it into two regions administered by the federal government.

Speaking about the developments in Afghanistan, he said that his country “lost 80,000 Pakistanis and lost $150 billion in economic losses as a result of standing by Washington in the so-called American war on terrorism.”

Khan warned the international community of the repercussions of neglecting the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, which in his estimation will extend beyond its neighbors, to everywhere, as “the chaotic and turbulent Afghanistan will once again become a safe haven for international terrorists.”

He also called on them “to motivate the Taliban, to implement their promises on human rights and the formation of an inclusive government, and not to use their lands as a haven for terrorists.”
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